What Happens in Vegas (at CAI)...

Posted by Meigan Montoya on May 12, 2017

CAI Booth Picture

Show of hands: who attended the CAI Annual Conference and Exposition last week and is still stuck on Vegas time? And I don’t just mean the time zone! CAI may be over, but we will always have wonderful memories.

This was a huge first for memy first company trip, my first time in Las Vegas, and my first CAI conference. I was lucky enough to get to participate in the M-100 class (which I would absolutely recommend to anyone) to dip my toes into the ocean that is the CAM industry. The class instructor, Michael Johnson was so knowledgeable, and being able to spend time in a room full of current industry professionals was an unparalleled benefit—until this class, all of my information about the CAM industry came to me by asking very specific questions. Either I had been reading or writing an article and needed clarification, or someone else had asked me a question and I mentally tagged it as, “Things I Need to Ask my Resident PCAM at Work Tomorrow.” Taking the M-100 was a refreshing way to start my first CAI National experience.

For everyone else, Wednesday was spent one of three ways: flying into the city, relaxing by the pool, or taking a quick nap to try to shake the impending jet lag. For me and my cohort coworker, Tevin Mallory, Wednesday morning was spent cramming (something I hadn’t done in half a decade) for the M-100 exam, and I’m thrilled to say we both passed! But taking the test was only the start of our long day. The rest of it was devoted to booth set-up in the expo hall, and then preparing the NOBU Suite for our Prohibition-themed bash.




We hope you enjoyed the party as much as we did. Not just because of the open bar and delicious finger foods, but because we at TOPS got to mingle in a very fun, easy setting with everyone, with our own Stefanie Ford saying, “people seemed to have a really great time.” Patrick Hixon, our Director of Sales, said, “as always, the CAI event was a success. Loved visiting with the TOPS current and future clients. As for the TOPS Speakeasy Party in the Nobu Suite ... what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!”


Prohibition Party


Of course, that was only the start of the fun. We want to offer a sincere thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at CAI National! We were so glad to have the opportunity to network with you face to face and demonstrate our new TOPS [ONE] platform. For Patrick, “showing the attendees the future of TOPS, and what we have in store for them, was very exciting and well received. People seemed to really appreciate that TOPS is not simply trying to add to an existing software, but rather create something for the future in TOPS [ONE].”


CAI Booth


We also want to say congratulations to Betty Roth of Avalon Management from Moreno Valley, CA! She was the winner of our $250 VISA gift card drawing, so thank you Betty for stopping by the booth to hear about TOPS [ONE], and congratulations again!


Betty's Head Shot.png


There was so much going on and so much fun had that we couldn't contain ourselves and just had to talk about how great of a time we all had with you! Thank you for taking part in our adventure at CAI National, check out our Facebook page for more great pictures, and feel free to tag yourself and your friends! Let us know how much fun you had in the comments!

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