Turnover Happens - TOPS [ONE] Makes It Less Painful

Posted by Meigan Montoya on November 8, 2018

Let’s talk turnover—and not the fun apple kind grandma makes at Christmas. Employee and board member turnover, it’s an unfortunate part of this business. And it’s always a difficult situation to be in. On the surface, losing an employee means that at the very least, you can expect to lose time updating job descriptions, posting it to various hiring sites, sifting through countless resumes, sitting through dozens of interviews, and that’s only the first step. Then there’s the retraining efforts and integrating them into the workplace and building new rapport with homeowners. 

It’s a huge cut into your time. And you know what they say: Time is money, and money is pizza! (TOPS Support's Knowledge Center superstar Maria said that today and I told myself I’d start using it immediately.)

But it’s not just your time or your money (or your pizza), it’s your data. It’s the months, years, decades of information a person has stored up in their own personal data silo (aka their brain) that they have yet to impart onto a successor or into a shared data repository. A person, be it a community manager or a board member, is more than just an investment of training—they can be a knowledge repository, a wealth of historical information, and a familiar face for residents throughout your community. Losing them can mean losing connections to some of the most important aspects of your business.

Unless, of course, that information is automatically stored in an application that you and your team have unlimited access to 24/7/365. Say, in TOPS [ONE], for example.

Wouldn’t that be convenient?

Loss of Knowledge

My fiancé and I were joking around the other night. I said something about how the burger I was eating was so good I could finally die happy. After giving me the stink eye, he pointed out, “You can’t die, you’ve got all the passwords to the important accounts. How will I pay the electric bill? Or the water bill? Or the mortgage?”

He’s right. Oops.

I like being in charge, what can I say? But unfortunately, that does mean that if something were to happen (oof, getting dark here), I’d be taking pivotal information out the door with me. Similarly, although an arguably better option than sudden death, suddenly losing an employee can result in similar data loss.

So how do you avoid that?

Automated data retention. With the Activity History function, part of Automated Workflows in TOPS [ONE], actions taken by your employees are tracked and cataloged.

Say someone has been emailing a homeowner about their pending violation fines. And then that employee decides the next day that they want to go on a soul search through the Sahara Desert with only a bottle of Fanta and their great grandfather’s antique sextant (they’re not exactly sure what it does but Grandpa John swore by it). They leave and never come back, what now?

No worries, you’ll be just fine (though I can’t say the same for that super lost employee) because you’ll have a record of all instances of contact, information about why contact was initiated, and the ability to smoothly take over the tasks left behind without any inconvenience to yourself or your homeowner. 

Loss of History

Andrea Drennen is one of very few unofficial historians here at TOPS Software. She’s been with TOPS for nearly 18 years and has all kinds of little-known fun facts about the inner workings of the company rattling around in her head. She's great at everything, but she's especially useful when history risks repeating itself.

Recently someone joked about drawing up a TOPS mascot. Luckily we already have two adorable office dogs who fill that role, because Andrea told a story, known by no one in the room except for her, about a long-forgotten sketch of a mascot, fondly referred to as “That TOPS Guy.” He was inspired…but otherwise unsuccessful. The morale boost our Office Pups give is a bigger contribution than he made.

Having her there to put a quick stop to that train of thought before it got too far away from the station was great. But if she wins the lottery tomorrow and retires to Alaska, how will we know when we’re about to unnecessarily relive TOPS history?

Similarly, what will YOU do when your board decides they're all ready to retire and leave tomorrow? Well that depends.

Have you been using the Document Management feature in TOPS [ONE]? If you haven't, you're looking at a lot of lost time catching a whole new board up to speed on your own, from whatever information you can find that was, for some reason, written or printed instead of saved to a board member's personal laptop.

If you HAVE been using Document Management, you let out a little sigh of relief. With Document Management, you have unlimited storage space for anything, including, say, board meeting minutes. You have all of your budget reports, vendor contracts, maintenance historical data, and anything else the board has done since you started using the feature. You bring in a new board, show them the documentation, and let them get to work. 

Loss of Relationships

Every community has a Debbie Downer or Nasty Ned, or some other variation of a persnickety homeowner who needs an extra loving touch. And most communities have someone on their team who is surprisingly skilled at engaging with these unhappy people. They have built up a rapport with these homeowners that is invaluable.

Angry homeowners aren't the only ones who build up these kinds of relationships, though. Sometimes its the happiest homeowners who build up the strongest relationships with approachable community managers.

So if and when someone like this moves on from the company, your best and worst homeowners notice, and you lose all of that established good will. 

Unless you're utilizing Owner Access.

TOPS [ONE] features a homeowner engagement tool that can turn these personal interactions into tracked, comprehensive pockets of information for the whole management team.

Mrs. Thompson at the end of the cul-de-sac is mad about her prized begonias being torn up by Mr. Johnson's chihuahua? And Jane last spoke to her yesterday about how to rectify the situation, and then hopped on a plane to Australia with no warning? No problem. 

You can pick up right where Jane left off, and keep future records of contact with Mrs. Thompson in her Owner Access portal for all of your team to see. 

With the right tools, personnel turnover doesn't have to mean countless gaps of information. TOPS [ONE] is designed with features built right in to mitigate data loss. Click here to learn more about what TOPS [ONE] can do to keep you up and running.

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