Thinking of Hiring a Management Company? Here's What You Should Know


Hiring a property management firm is no small task. They're responsible for much of your community's success--ask the right questions before you hire!

Self-Managed HOAs: Navigating Community Association Management Software

TOPS [ONE], Self-Managed Communities

"What advice you would give HOAs as to navigating all of the different software solutions and finding the right one?" Sterling Jenkins of Gladly asked this question in a LinkedIn forum over the weekend. Here's my full answer.

HOA Management: Should Your Community Self-Manage or Hire a Pro?

Association Living, TOPS [ONE]

Self-management offers so much control over community goings-on, making self-governed associations appealing for many. How do you do it without going crazy, though? The right people, the right tools, and the right plans.

Board Membership 101: Thanks for Volunteering for Your HOA or Condo Board

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Do you have what it takes to serve on your HOA or Condo's Board of Directors? Absolutely, you do! Read on to see what a board is and does, and how you can be a part of yours.

TOPS [ONE] Gives Flexibility and Freedom to Community Association Managers


The perfect work/life balance can seem out of reach for many. But Trever Midgley of HOA Strategies has found personal freedom, exponential business growth, and constant support for all of his company's needs with TOPS [ONE].

Technology Trends for Community Associations - What Your Homeowners Expect Now and What They'll Want Tomorrow

TOPS [ONE], Innovation

We're talking tech and the reasons why it's so important. From an interview with BetterCondoLife, Andrea Drennen, CMCA, offers her insight into the expectations of homeowners, of CAM professionals, and of the CAM industry's technology offerings.

What's in a Community Association?

Association Living, TOPS [ONE]

Who is in charge of a condo? Who is in charge of an HOA? Or a Co-op? And how does one run a condo or a co-op or an HOA? Understanding their similarities and differences, and finding a technology platform to support the specific needs of each is the first step!

Spring Cleaning - Revamping Records-Keeping in Your HOA or Condo Association

Management Tools, TOPS [ONE]

Keeping records doesn't have to mean scaling mountains of paperwork or getting lost in the digital labyrinth of terabytes of documentation. What you need to keep and where you should be keeping it is easy!

15 Influential Articles of 2018

Industry Resources, TOPS [ONE]

2018 was chock-full of great insight into the CAM industry from all kinds of angles: from legal news to technology updates, this past year had a lot to offer, and we've got all the best tidbits right here at your fingertips.

Shed the Weight of Your Servers This Holiday Season

CAM Managers, TOPS [ONE]

It’s no secret that we’re big advocates for web-based software here at TOPS. Find out why that is, and why moving to a web-based platform should be your New Year's Resolution!

The Last Minute Gift Guide for Your Favorite Community Association Manager

TOPS [ONE], Holiday

Give the gift they really want this year! Maybe that's a new pair of rain boots, or some of the world's strongest coffee. Whatever kind of CAM you're buying for, we've got a gift they'll love!

Turnover Happens - TOPS [ONE] Makes It Less Painful

Technology, TOPS [ONE]

Turnovers aren't always tasty. Replacing an employee or board member can be exhausting, and can result in a huge gap of collective information. With TOPS [ONE], that data is all in one place, ready and waiting for whoever comes next.

Get Engaged with Your Homeowners This Voting Season

Management Tools, TOPS [ONE]

The Annual General Meeting is right around the corner, are you prepared? Even more, are your homeowners prepared? Make sure they know in advance when and where to show up, and why. See how TOPS [ONE] can help give you a boost in homeowner turnout to the AGM.

Don't Let Your Budget Haunt You: 3 Ways TOPS [ONE] Simplifies Budget Season

TOPS [ONE], Financial Services

It's that time of year again! Pumpkin carving, hay rides through corn fields, and...budgets. Planning your budget may be a scary task to take on, but it must be done, and if you've got the right tools, it's as easy as (pumpkin) pie!

Going Cloud-Based as a Disaster Preparedness Plan

TOPS [ONE], Natural Disasters

It's easy to ignore the inevitable destruction natural disasters can bring. Why worry about what might not happen? But when you fail to plan, you risk losing everything.

The Mystery of the Missing Documents

Technology, Management Tools, TOPS [ONE]

Does "managing your documents" mean "keeping all of your invoices in a shoe box at the back of your storage room" to you? If it does, you're making your job harder than it needs to be! Don't be the villain in your own sleuthing story when it comes to document management!

CAM vs PMS... What Software Should I Choose?

Technology, TOPS [ONE]

Choosing the right software is important. Property Management software companies will try to convince you that Condo and HOA accounting can be done just as well in a rental PMS. Is that true?