Are Greed and Lust Bringing Your Management Company's Website Down?


Is your website useful to your target audience? If not, you might be committing one of the seven deadly sins of management and community websites.

How to Increase Efficiency in Community Association Management


In a community association, the key players (The Board, Committees, & Management) need to know whether the current procedures are working. Are they achieving the objectives they want, and what means are being used to measure this?

The Key Ingredient for a Successful Self Managed Community Association

Association Boards, Technology

Looking from the outside, community association management looks easy – anyone can do it, right?

Back to the Future in Community Association Management [Quiz]


We take a look back over the last 30 years and predictions of the 'future' of community association management and see how close we've come.

No Excuses for Poor Communication in Community Association Management


With modern technologies, there is no excuse for management companies to have poor communications. We discuss 8 modern technologies that will bring your business out of history and into the future.

Feeling Exposed? How to Prevent Data Breaches in CAM Management

Management Companies, Technology

While the CAM industry might not be on the front lines when it comes to data and information breaches, data security is important to CAM Management.

Is Automation Causing Your Management Company More Harm Than Good?


Automation may be one of the best things you can do to improve efficiency, but be careful not to over-automate, or you could risk losing touch with reality.

What Does Association Management Software Do?


Are you trying to improve your community association management business? CAM Software may be the edge you need. But how do you know what you should expect, and what questions to ask to find the best solution?

Centralize Your CAM Management to be the Greatest Show on Earth

Management Companies, Technology

As many professionals in the community association management arena have likely learned the hard way, tasks can build up quickly, important responsibilities might fall through the cracks and virtually no resident will have much patience when their needs are not met.

The End of the Line for Mediocre Management Companies

CAM Industry, Management Companies, Technology

If profit margins are thin and competition is fierce, why are there so many mediocre community association management companies?

Ten rounds in the Ring: Community Association Management Software vs Generic Accounting Software.

Accounting, Management Companies, Technology

It's the fight of the century! We pit industry specific Condo/HOA Accounting software against off-the-shelf general purpose accounting software.

6 Ways Excel Can Make Your Life in CAM Management Easier

Accounting, Technology

Spreadsheets play an important role in community association management. Learn how CAM Professionals are using Excel for community association management, and get some great Excel hacks too!

Improve Your Property Management Company’s Efficiency with a Smart Technology Strategy

Management Companies, Technology

How should property management professionals be using smartphones and the cloud to save time in community association management?

2 Transformational Technologies Your CAM Management Company Needs Now


In his session at the CAMfire conference in St. Petersburg, Florida, Kevin Ergenbright demonstrated the transformational technologies that defined community association management in the past, and explored the technologies that will transform the future of the industry and your CAM Management company.

6 Productivity Apps Your Association Management Company Needs


Are you really using your phone or tablet to it's fullest potential for your community association management business? Try these productivity apps to start making your mobile devices work for you today!

Cloud, Mobile, Server... Where Should You Deploy Association Management Software?


On premise? SaaS? Mobile? Web? Cloud? If you are choosing association management software, it may be hard to distinguish between deployment options.

10 Ways to Make Mobile Devices Work for Property Management


Ten industry-specific implementations that property managers and CAM Managers can do right now on a mobile device like a tablet or a smart phone

CAM Mash Up: This Week (Jan 6 - 10, 2013)

CAM Industry, CAM Mashup, Association Boards, Technology

The cloud, the board, the kudos and the poop - what do these things have in common? It's this week in Community Association Management!

A Blueprint for the CAM Accounting Cycle

Accounting, Technology

Follow this blueprint to insure you are covering all of the bases in your community association accounting. (Best practices for CAM Accounting)

What to get the Property Manager who has everything?

CAM Industry, Technology

What on earth should you get the Property Manager, Accountant, or Board Member who has everything? Here are some awesome ideas!

Software that Streamlines = Happy Association Management

Management Companies, Technology

By choosing property management software that streamlines your workflows, the result will be happy staff, happy homeowners, and a happy YOU!

Automating Receivables in CAM Accounting: MICR, Lockbox and ACH—Oh My!

Accounting, Technology

Walking into a CAM Management company can feel like stepping back in time. Or maybe, visiting another world altogether. (Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!)

CAM Mash Up: This Week (Oct 7-Oct 11, 2013)

CAM Industry, Accounting, CAM Mashup, Management Companies, Technology, Miscellaneous

This isn't nonsense - it's This week in Community Management!: COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY when you are a citizen of PROCRASTINATION NATION! Although the QUESTIONS may be greater than the ANSWERS (especially about MINERAL RIGHTS), TEAM BUILDING is an essential skill to PROVE YOURSELF. And you'd better hurry too, because WBW is JUST ONE WEEK AWAY!

The Dos and Don'ts of Choosing a Community Management Software

Accounting, Technology

What to do and what not to do when selecting a community association management software

Setting Up Your Community Association's General Ledger

Accounting, Technology

The General Ledger keeps a record of every transaction you perform for your community association accounting. Learn how to set up the GL for Condo and HOA management.

Recipe for a Successful Management Company

Management Companies, Technology

It can take a long time to cook up a successful business, Stefanie Ford presents this great recipe for CAM success, and a delicious companion recipe for S'mores cookie bars!

One Simple Trick to Improve Communications with your Homeowners

CAM Managers, Management Companies, Technology

In an age of automated responses and text messages, it's the personal touch in community association communication that makes a difference.