3 Things Every CAM Manager Should Know About HOA Resales [Free Estoppel Letter Template]

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Since you don't have telepathy, you're going to have to settle for always finding out about a resale in the associations you manage at the very last minute. That's why it helps to be prepared to process a resale at the drop of a hat.

Are These 5 Things Preventing Your CAM Management Company from Going Paperless?

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Are we doomed to be storing paper copies of community data for the next 40 years? Five barriers that are preventing community association management companies from going paperless today.

Turnover Happens - TOPS [ONE] Makes It Less Painful

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Turnovers aren't always tasty. Replacing an employee or board member can be exhausting, and can result in a huge gap of collective information. With TOPS [ONE], that data is all in one place, ready and waiting for whoever comes next.

The Mystery of the Missing Documents

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Does "managing your documents" mean "keeping all of your invoices in a shoe box at the back of your storage room" to you? If it does, you're making your job harder than it needs to be! Don't be the villain in your own sleuthing story when it comes to document management!

Building a Business Case for AP Automation

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Leaders are looking for ways to reduce spending while increasing profits. Luckily, automation does just that with a few other benefits board members and leaders can appreciate.

Automation and You: Admitting When a Process Isn't Working

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Every activity you perform in business has a process. Aligning these processes into a workflow is one of the most crucial steps in automating your business. What is also important is knowing exactly how a workflow really helps your business.

Automation and You: Implementing Workflows

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Every activity you perform in business has a process. Aligning these processes into a workflow is one of the most crucial steps in automating your business.

Future-Proofing Your Management Company [Free eBook]

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As a Community Association Management company, you must keep up with evolving customer demands, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Our new eBook will teach you how to use automation to turn your organization into a future-proof, efficient, machine!

10 Types of Property Management Software: Which Is Right for You?

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If you are shopping for software to help you manage your portfolio of Condos and HOAs, the range of options available to you can be overwhelming. We help you make sense of the many types of Property Management software and how they work for community association management.

CAM vs PMS... What Software Should I Choose?

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Choosing the right software is important. Property Management software companies will try to convince you that Condo and HOA accounting can be done just as well in a rental PMS. Is that true?

Automation and You: The Benefits of Process Mapping

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Every activity you perform in business has a process. From how you prepare for a meeting, to what to do when a homeowner calls in, they are all processes. Mapping out all of your processes is the first step in implementing automation.

Best Practices for Tracking Custom Data for Community Associations

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Tracking custom fields consolidates your info, and prevents errors due to outdated or inaccessible data. Custom fields help workflows by making it easier for you to evaluate, categorize, report on and customize communications. Learn how to plan and set up custom fields in association management.

What is Net Neutrality and Why is it Important to CAM Professionals?

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The FCC is voting to repeal Net Neutrality, jeopardizing the freedom of access that we rely on today. Here's what that could mean for you.

International Espionage and You: Why a Russian Hack Matters to Community Associations

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The recent revelation that Russian hackers may have used Kaspersy's antivirus software could have ramifications for your community association management company.

6 Degrees of Outputs for CAM Managers

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For many (like homeowners) the reports you generate are the sole representation of the hard work your CAM mgmt company does. What kind of ambassador are yours?

New Survey Exposes Payment Technology Surge in the CAM Industry

Accounting, Technology

BillingTree surveyed property managers and HOAs to gather insight into what challenges they face, and what payment collections solutions they have explored.

How To Be Better Than a Robot in the CAM Industry

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Until recently, it’s been pretty easy to out-shine an automated service. But that’s quickly changing. So how do you keep yourself relevant? You CAN be better than a robot with this advice.

New Survey Reveals Why More Mgmt Co.s are Looking to Quit Excel

Technology, Featured

More people are realizing the drawbacks of using non-specific solutions to track community information and manage their daily tasks. Are you one of them?

Management Companies:  How to Overcome Your Fear of Technology


Don't let your fear of change hold your management company back! You're losing valuable customers the longer you put off upgrading your technology.

Is the Robot Apocalypse Inevitable in the CAM Industry?


The future is now and automation is the new world order. How do you survive the impending robot apocalypse? You make it work for you--find out how.

Playing Technology Catch-Up in the CAM Industry

CAM Industry, Technology, Featured

Every industry it seems has found a way to evolve steadily alongside technology...except for the CAM Industry. Why? And how do we catch up quickly?

How to Start a Technology Revolution in Your Management Company

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Keeping up with technology can be overwhelming. Here are a few ways to revolutionize your management company and stay competitive.

Revolutionize Banking for Your HOA

Technology, Guest Post, Banking, Innovation

Over the last decade, financial institutions have invested in financial technology companies to meet modern regulatory, digital, and security challenges.

Take the Next Step in Homeowner Communication

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Effective communication is key in the homeowner industry. This webinar gave the knowledge required for effective mobile communication in the homeowner industry.

Implementing New Software in your CAM Management Company

Technology, Featured

The sales process is the beginning of your journey, not the end. This checklist will help you plan the process of implementing your new CAM software

The Bottom Line in Paperless CAM Management is Your Bottom Line

Management Companies, Technology

Saving money is a very good incentive to start your journey toward a paperless office in your community association management company. Learn how.

Out of Date and Hard to Reach. Are Sloth & Pride Hurting Your CAM Website?

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Are poor website choices sending your visitors away from your management company website? Learn what to look for when updating and how to make your site more inviting to visitors.