Courting a New Association? How to Impress the Board

Marketing and Sales

In the highly competitive CAM market it's hard to stand out. One way you can do that is in the sales documents you provide to potential new association clients.

Pitching to the Board: A Sales Presentation for Management Companies

Featured, Marketing and Sales

Your pitch deck is your intro, your elevator pitch, your sales brochure and your proposal all wrapped up into one visual presentation. Here's what to put in it.

Map Your Marketing to the Community Association Buyer's Journey

Marketing and Sales

Interested in growing your CAM Management business? Then you need to meet your dream clients where they are in the buyer journey. Learn how to identify and serve your buyer's journey.

Forget the Yellow Pages. Inbound is the New Way to Market Your CAM Management Company

Marketing and Sales

In today's tech savvy world you need to present your CAM Management Company where your dream clients are looking, and that is online - specifically search engines. The answer is Inbound Marketing. Learn more in this presentation from the recent TOPS CAMfire Conference

10 Tips for Marketing Your New Community Management Company

Marketing and Sales

You can't make money as a community management company without clients! Jeff Hardy gives 10 pointers on ways to let the world know you exist.