Keeping Condo Conflict Out of Court: The Benefits of Mediation

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Kat Marquis gives her insight into the ways mediation can save your community association time and legal fees.

4 Ways to Make Your Next AGM Not Suck (So Members Will Actually Show)

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Four ways guaranteed to make your next AGM not suck, and drive up member attendance and keep them focused.

What does a Community Association Manager Do?

Guest Posts

Are you considering becoming a community association manager? You know that means managing Condos and HOAs, but what would you actually do?

ACH: The HOA & Automated Clearing House Transactions

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A banker shares everything you need to know about ACH and how it applies to your community association(s)

What Keeps CAM Management Interesting?

Manager Minute, Guest Posts, CAM Managers, Association Boards

In this installment of videos, Julie Adamen talks about what keeps CAM Management interesting and suggests a simple way to keep members involved.

With Fraud at an All-Time High, Secure Checks Help Deter Fraud & Detect Tampering

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High security checks and nine other ways your property management company can be protected from potential fraud. Guest post by Deluxe Corporation

A Proven Method to Show Community Association Board Members How Much You Care

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In community association management, building customer relationships, getting your name out there and keeping employees happy are critical to your success.

Community Manager's Minute: Start getting real about your career

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Julie Adamen helps community association managers get real about career growth in the first two parts of her new 12 step program to help you get out of your career funk and focused on your future.

It’s Fall! Is your Property Management Company Ready for Year End?

Guest Posts

5 tips for preparing your community association for tax season a little early this year. Check your list twice to make sure your property management company is ready on time!

Community Manager's Minute: Soothing the Angry Board Member

Manager Minute, Guest Posts, CAM Managers

Every CAM manager has encounters with angry board members. Julie Adamen gives us tips to keep everyone cool by giving them the information they need.

How 'the Cloud' is Reshaping the Corporate World

Guest Posts, Technology

Learn how businesses across the globe are using the cloud, and how, with some simple changes, your community management company can benefit as well.

Community Manager's Minute: Stress, Distractions and the Art of Focus

Manager Minute, Guest Posts, CAM Managers

Learn how to do your best work by reducing stress and distractions in this installment of the Community Manager's Minute with Julie Adamen.

Community Manager's Minute: Association Management, What's to love?

Manager Minute, Guest Posts, CAM Managers

What's to love about being a Community Association Manager? Everything! In this Manager's Minute, Julie Adamen talks about what makes this job great!

Facing Rough Times in Community Association Management

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How do you deal with rough times in community management? Craig Huntington is the keynote speaker for the TOPS User Conference.

Community Manager's Minute: Act, Don't React to Micromanagers

Manager Minute, Guest Posts, CAM Managers, Association Boards

Julie Adamen talks about why board members try to micromanage community association managers, and actionable tips to deal with micromanagers.

Preparing your Community Association for Aging in Place

Guest Posts, Association Boards

Many baby boomers are opting to stay put and adapt their homes to accommodate aging. But Aging in Place (AIP) affects the homeowners association or condo association as much as it affects the homeowners.

The Property Manager's Dress Code

Guest Posts, CAM Managers

Is there a dress code for community association managers? Guest blogger Julie Adamen gives us a dressing down on dressing up.

Community Association Management: The Past and the Future

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In the TOPS CAM Blog: Industry guru Paul Grucza explores a timeline of the community association industry, and where it is heading.

Accounts Receivable Automation: Think Outside the Lockbox

Accounting, Guest Posts

There are many factors to consider for your Community Association Accounting AP automation. Are you on the right track? CAM Industry banking expert Craig Lee Huntington shares his tips in this guest post, Thinking Outside the Lockbox