New Survey Reveals Why More Mgmt Co.s are Looking to Quit Excel

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More people are realizing the drawbacks of using non-specific solutions to track community information and manage their daily tasks. Are you one of them?

Playing Technology Catch-Up in the CAM Industry

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Every industry it seems has found a way to evolve steadily alongside technology...except for the CAM Industry. Why? And how do we catch up quickly?

What Happens in Vegas (at CAI)...

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What happens in Vegas (at CAI) STAYS in Vegas...and on the CAM Blog! Check out our review of all the fun had at CAI National so we can relive it one more time.

How to Start a Technology Revolution in Your Management Company

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Keeping up with technology can be overwhelming. Here are a few ways to revolutionize your management company and stay competitive.

Take the Next Step in Homeowner Communication

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Effective communication is key in the homeowner industry. This webinar gave the knowledge required for effective mobile communication in the homeowner industry.

Hiring a Property Manager? She's Right Under Your Nose

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Management companies are seeking new ways to attract the best community association management talent. But your best talent may be right under your nose!

There's Something Rotten at the DBPR: Regulating Florida's Condo Associations

CAM Industry, Featured

Strap on your seat belts folks, we're going for a ride on the truth train, and it's going to be bumpy. Miami-Dade County's grand jury report on Florida's DBPR.

The Ultimate List of CAM Industry Events in 2017

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We've compiled a huge list of 2017 CAM events to encourage you to take advantage of the professional development opportunities happening in your area!

Keeping Condo Conflict Out of Court: The Benefits of Mediation

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Kat Marquis gives her insight into the ways mediation can save your community association time and legal fees.

4 Ways to Make Your Next AGM Not Suck (So Members Will Actually Show)

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Four ways guaranteed to make your next AGM not suck, and drive up member attendance and keep them focused.

Negotiating the Sale of a Management Company

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Sales agreements can be tricky. Here is some important information for Buyers and Sellers to keep in mind while negotiating the sale of a management company.

Community Association Management Insights That Defined 2016

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As the new year begins, we take a look back at the most influential community association management articles of 2016. Did you catch all ten of these popular posts?

How Much is my CAM Management Company Really Worth?

Management Companies, Featured

If sweat equity equaled real world value, we would be millionaires many times over. So how do you calculate the sell value of your CAM Management Company?

The Most Interesting Man You Will Meet at CAMfire '17

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Meet inspirational best-selling author and CAMfire '17 keynote speaker, Anthony Iannarino! Learn why he's such a cool guy and what you can get out of coming to CAMfire in February 2017

Budget Time: How Much Should You Charge for Assessments?

Accounting, Featured

Afraid to raise assessments in your budget because homeowners may not like it? How much to charge for your community association's regular assessments.

Closing the Gap Between Accounting and Community Managers

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When the accounting team and the community managers in your organization are at odds, it's hard to run a successful management company.

Implementing New Software in your CAM Management Company

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The sales process is the beginning of your journey, not the end. This checklist will help you plan the process of implementing your new CAM software

The Best Places to Find (And Post) CAM Professional Jobs

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Whether you're a community association professional looking for a job, or a management company looking for a new addition to your team, here are tips on where to go and what to do to find the perfect CAM job (or candidate) online.