Automation and You: Admitting When a Process Isn't Working

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Every activity you perform in business has a process. Aligning these processes into a workflow is one of the most crucial steps in automating your business. What is also important is knowing exactly how a workflow really helps your business.

Communication is Key, Even in Community Association Management

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Tom Willis, PCAM®, has a lot to say about the lack of resources available for CAM Professionals to best serve their customers. So do we.

Automation and You: Implementing Workflows

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Every activity you perform in business has a process. Aligning these processes into a workflow is one of the most crucial steps in automating your business.

Future-Proofing Your Management Company [Free eBook]

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As a Community Association Management company, you must keep up with evolving customer demands, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Our new eBook will teach you how to use automation to turn your organization into a future-proof, efficient, machine!

10 Types of Property Management Software: Which Is Right for You?

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If you are shopping for software to help you manage your portfolio of Condos and HOAs, the range of options available to you can be overwhelming. We help you make sense of the many types of Property Management software and how they work for community association management.

Automation and You: The Benefits of Process Mapping

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Every activity you perform in business has a process. From how you prepare for a meeting, to what to do when a homeowner calls in, they are all processes. Mapping out all of your processes is the first step in implementing automation.

The Real Superheroes of Community Association Law

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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you're wearing red and blue spandex, a flashy red cape, or a freshly-pressed suit, you have the power to induce change in your community, and you've got more help behind you than you realize!

Best Practices for Tracking Custom Data for Community Associations

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Tracking custom fields consolidates your info, and prevents errors due to outdated or inaccessible data. Custom fields help workflows by making it easier for you to evaluate, categorize, report on and customize communications. Learn how to plan and set up custom fields in association management.

Everything You Need to Know About Condo & HOA Websites in Florida

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New statutes passed in 2017 will take effect January 1, 2019. Is your Condo/HOA website compliant? Do you have one? If not, you need one! See what else you'll need to follow the law in Florida.

Avoid These Six Common Detours in your Reserve Study "Roadmap to the Future"

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This year at the CAMfire Conference, Robert Nordlund, CEO of Association Reserves, spoke about the six common detours you'll face in your 'reserve study road map,' and how to avoid them.

The Ultimate List of CAM Industry Events in 2018

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We've compiled a huge list of 2018 CAM events to encourage you to take advantage of the professional development opportunities happening in your area!

It's Time to End the 'Baptism By Fire' for New CAM Managers

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How do you welcome new managers to the industry? If the answer is throw them into the deep end and hope they don't sink, you need a better way. This is the solution.

Year-End Checklist for CAM Accountants

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The busiest time of the year is upon the community association management industry - the dreaded YEAR END. This post is a down and dirty guide to get you through year end. We've got deadlines, helpful tips, a handy checklist - everything you need to make it through year end.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Guest Post, Featured, Accounting

James Ernst, CPA, explains what impact the newly-passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will have on Common Interest Realty Associations (CIRAs) beginning Jan. 1, 2018.

What is Net Neutrality and Why is it Important to CAM Professionals?

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The FCC is voting to repeal Net Neutrality, jeopardizing the freedom of access that we rely on today. Here's what that could mean for you.

What Happens if Your Business Doesn't File Year-End Reporting Forms?

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Understand the importance of filing, the penalties of not filing on time or at all, and what such missteps can mean for your employees and contractors

Pitching to the Board: A Sales Presentation for Management Companies

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Your pitch deck is your intro, your elevator pitch, your sales brochure and your proposal all wrapped up into one visual presentation. Here's what to put in it.

Beyond Letters and Fines: When to Take Further Actions

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The lien is like the nuclear 'football' that follows the president. It should be considered only as a last resort, and with extreme prejudice by the board. Consider these alternative options when homeowners are in arrears.

Measuring the health of your community collections process

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A poor collections process can result in higher dues, special assessments, loss of amenities and even being turned down for loans. What grade is your community?

International Espionage and You: Why a Russian Hack Matters to Community Associations

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The recent revelation that Russian hackers may have used Kaspersy's antivirus software could have ramifications for your community association management company.

Community Association Budgets:  The Art of Guesstimating

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Your community association's annual budget is the keystone of your community's success. Don't have yours squared away yet? Don't worry--we've got you covered.

6 Degrees of Outputs for CAM Managers

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For many (like homeowners) the reports you generate are the sole representation of the hard work your CAM mgmt company does. What kind of ambassador are yours?

Here's Looking at Resales, Kid. (Understanding HOA & Condo Resale Disclosures)

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Resale disclosure protects the buyer as well as the community association from starting off their new relationship on the wrong foot by exposing hidden dangers. (Plus, it's the law!)

How To Be Better Than a Robot in the CAM Industry

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Until recently, it’s been pretty easy to out-shine an automated service. But that’s quickly changing. So how do you keep yourself relevant? You CAN be better than a robot with this advice.

Feeling Isolated? How Information Silos are Hurting Your Management Company

Management Companies, Featured

Information silos result in lost time, lost money, and miscommunications. Is your community association management business suffering? Learn the types of data silos and how you can resolve them.

New Survey Reveals Why More Mgmt Co.s are Looking to Quit Excel

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More people are realizing the drawbacks of using non-specific solutions to track community information and manage their daily tasks. Are you one of them?

Playing Technology Catch-Up in the CAM Industry

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Every industry it seems has found a way to evolve steadily alongside technology...except for the CAM Industry. Why? And how do we catch up quickly?