Community Manager's Minute: Soothing the Angry Board Member

Manager Minute, Guest Posts, CAM Managers

Every CAM manager has encounters with angry board members. Julie Adamen gives us tips to keep everyone cool by giving them the information they need.

Community Manager's Minute: Stress, Distractions and the Art of Focus

Manager Minute, Guest Posts, CAM Managers

Learn how to do your best work by reducing stress and distractions in this installment of the Community Manager's Minute with Julie Adamen.

What to do AFTER your Community Management Proposal is Accepted

CAM Managers, Association Boards, Management Companies

You've worked so hard to win a contract for your new Community Management company. Jeff Hardy discusses next steps AFTER you win the contract.

Community Manager's Minute: Association Management, What's to love?

Manager Minute, Guest Posts, CAM Managers

What's to love about being a Community Association Manager? Everything! In this Manager's Minute, Julie Adamen talks about what makes this job great!

Facing Rough Times in Community Association Management

Guest Posts, CAM Managers, Miscellaneous

How do you deal with rough times in community management? Craig Huntington is the keynote speaker for the TOPS User Conference.

Community Manager's Minute: Act, Don't React to Micromanagers

Manager Minute, Guest Posts, CAM Managers, Association Boards

Julie Adamen talks about why board members try to micromanage community association managers, and actionable tips to deal with micromanagers.

7 Ways Your Community Management Company can Increase Client Retention

CAM Industry, CAM Managers, Management Companies

Keeping your current Condo and HOA communities out of the hands of low cost competitors is hard! Learn 7 ways to make your management company 'sticky'!

Management Companies: Are you Winning (or Losing!) Business with Social Media? (VIDEO)

CAM Managers, Management Companies

If you are community association management company, or involved in the Condo or HOA management industry, learn how to leverage social media to help win new client communities and establish a better relationship with condo and HOA board members and homeowners.

The Property Manager's Dress Code

Guest Posts, CAM Managers

Is there a dress code for community association managers? Guest blogger Julie Adamen gives us a dressing down on dressing up.

Social Media Primer for Association Managers and Management Companies

CAM Industry, CAM Managers, Association Boards, Management Companies

Community Association Managers should know the legal pitfalls and best practices to put in a social media policy. Guest Post by Donna DiMaggio Berger, Esq.

7 Top community management industry insiders you need to be reading

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'Must Read' list for community association management industry insiders. #CondoHOA #CAMBlog

New Association Management Company Setup Checklist

CAM Managers, Management Companies

Follow these steps to prepare your new community association management company to open for business.

5 Olympic Lessons for Community Association Managers

CAM Managers

Learn how to be a better community association manager by studying the techniques that make an athlete into an Olympian.

So You're Thinking of Starting a Management Company

CAM Managers, Management Companies

If you've been thinking of starting a management company, let an industry expert guide you.