Before Legal Action: How to collect past due assessments [Free Sample Collection Letters]


The vast majority of late assessments can be collected long before you reach that critical mass, and you don't have to be a jerk get the money the association is owed. Here's how...

6 Annual Financial Reports Your Condo or HOA Needs To Keep

Accounting, Featured

Monthly reporting doesn't provide the full picture on financials. Annual reporting gives your trustees access to the full breadth of how the community performed. Learn what reports you should be running each year and why.

Year-End Checklist for CAM Accountants

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The busiest time of the year is upon the community association management industry - the dreaded YEAR END. This post is a down and dirty guide to get you through year end. We've got deadlines, helpful tips, a handy checklist - everything you need to make it through year end.

Human Error in Payments Processing


25% of all HOA assessments are made with ACH. But how do you prevent mistakes due to human error? (Or worse, deliberate fraud?!) And who is liable when the worst does happen?

Avoid These Six Common Detours in your Reserve Study "Roadmap to the Future"

Accounting, Partners, Featured, CAMfire

This year at the CAMfire Conference, Robert Nordlund, CEO of Association Reserves, spoke about the six common detours you'll face in your 'reserve study road map,' and how to avoid them.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Accounting, Featured, Guest Post

James Ernst, CPA, explains what impact the newly-passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will have on Common Interest Realty Associations (CIRAs) beginning Jan. 1, 2018.

What Happens If Your Business Doesn't File Year-End Reporting Forms?

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Understand the importance of filing, the penalties of not filing on time or at all, and what such missteps can mean for your employees and contractors

Beyond Letters and Fines: When to Take Further Actions

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The lien is like the nuclear 'football' that follows the president. It should be considered only as a last resort, and with extreme prejudice by the board. Consider these alternative options when homeowners are in arrears.

Measuring the Health of Your Community Collections Process

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A poor collections process can result in higher dues, special assessments, loss of amenities and even being turned down for loans. What grade is your community?

Ensuring a Successful Reserve for Your Community

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Keeping reserves funded can be challenging without first establishing what your community needs. Robert Nordlund has ideas on how to ensure continued success.

Community Association Budgets: The Art of Guesstimating

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Your community association's annual budget is the keystone of your community's success. Don't have yours squared away yet? Don't worry--we've got you covered.

New Survey Exposes Payment Technology Surge in the CAM Industry

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BillingTree surveyed property managers and HOAs to gather insight into what challenges they face, and what payment collections solutions they have explored.

Budget Time: How Much Should You Charge for Assessments?

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Afraid to raise assessments in your budget because homeowners may not like it? How much to charge for your community association's regular assessments.

Closing the Gap Between Accounting and Community Managers

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When the accounting team and the community managers in your organization are at odds, it's hard to run a successful management company.

Dealing with Bad Debt in Community Associations


Bad debt is any amount that is uncollectible. If you aren't be able to collect from a delinquent homeowner, you should write off the bad debt. Here's how.

What You Missed: Important News for CAM Accounting


AICPA is merging with CIMA to form the AICPA, but the old AICPA is not going away. So what does that mean for Community Association Management Organizations?

4 Things Every CAM Manager Should Know About Auditing


Every community association manager should know these things about auditing for condo and homeowners associations.

Surviving Community Association Budget Season [Free eBook]

Accounting, Association Boards

The most feared two words in community association management: 'Budget Season' You want to do more than just survive. You want to THRIVE. How? Find out here.

Ten rounds in the Ring: Community Association Management Software vs Generic Accounting Software.

Accounting, Management Companies, Technology

It's the fight of the century! We pit industry specific Condo/HOA Accounting software against off-the-shelf general purpose accounting software.

6 Ways Excel Can Make Your Life in CAM Management Easier

Accounting, Technology

Spreadsheets play an important role in community association management. Learn how CAM Professionals are using Excel for community association management, and get some great Excel hacks too!

Reserve Fund Accounting for Community Associations


Best accounting practices for community associations require special handling of reserves. Get back to basics in this Reserve Fund Accounting primer.

ACH: The HOA & Automated Clearing House Transactions

Accounting, Guest Posts

A banker shares everything you need to know about ACH and how it applies to your community association(s)

Making it Fair: Transparency in Homeowner Communications


People respond positively to the idea of transparency because it suggests fairness. Transparency can also be applied to homeowner communications.

What to do After Your Condo or HOA Budget is Approved by the Board


Your Condo or HOA board has approved your draft budget. But you're not done yet! Here are your next steps in the budgeting process.

Everything you need to know about balancing monthly HOA financials [Free Checklist]


Resources for board members on monthly financial reports abound, but how do you make sure the financials are correct before handing them over? Everything you need to know about balancing monthly HOA financials, plus a free checklist for you to use at the end of each accounting period!

Overcoming the Fear of Change in your Property Management Company

Accounting, CAM Managers, Management Companies

People just naturally resist change—any type of change—whether changing jobs, banks, parking spaces, doctors or… changing accounting software. Why?

CAM Mash Up: This Week (Feb 3-7, 2014)

CAM Industry, Accounting, CAM Mashup, Association Boards, Management Companies

This Week in Community Association Management: Combine an improved economy, optimistic CEOs and green communities with taxes, foreclosures, dysfunction, and poor accounting practices and you get the roller coaster that was this week in the CAM industry. Put your hands in the air!