Tired of the Same Old Same Old? Time for Something New. [Survey]

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on June 24, 2016

I wish that I could draw. Because if I could, I have the best idea for a comic.

It's a little old lady, aging in place in her home, which is filled floor to ceiling with stuff. By her side is a bevy of comfort animals - a dog, a chicken, an alligator. In her hands is a remote control by which she is controlling a drone. Above her roof is a 30-foot satellite dish and an enormous and unsightly antenna. Her roof is bristling with green plants and solar panels. It goes without saying that she lives in a community association.

Lately, I feel like those of us who write about the industry are doing those of you who read about the industry a disservice. Every week we search high and low for new topics to capture your attention. And invariably, we wind up on Google, because that is how research is done these days.

And so, after battling such distractions as social media according to cats and tiny hamsters eating burritos, we land on some other industrious person who is writing about community association management. And do you know what the topics are? I bet you can guess...

Hoarders! Drones! Comfort Animals! Aging Communities! Short Term Rentals! HAM Radio Antennas! Green Roofs! Eco Friendly Building! Bedbugs! Angry Owners! Angry Boards! Lawsuits! More Lawsuits! A Walk-In Closet Full of Lawsuits!

Can we just agree that from now on, if we can't find anything new to say, or at least a new angle on something old, not to say anything at all?

It's not that there is anything wrong with any of these topics. They are all fantastic topics. I have even written on several of these topics myself. But by this point they are Done. To. Death.

Open an industry magazine, read an industry blog, attend an industry event these days... I bet you will find these same handful of topics littering the landscape.

Remember when mom told you if you can't find anything good to say, don't say anything at all? Can we just agree that from now on, if we can't find anything new to say, or at least a new angle on something old, not to say anything at all?

But I digress. Because I am not coming here before you today to complain about the other guys. I love them all. I follow them on social media, and I read every one of their posts, and I share them like clockwork, because in spite of being rehashed topics, the content IS useful. But I, for one, am ready to move on.

I feel like there is so much more we could be talking about as an industry. If we are tired of bad stereotypes in the media, let's give them something else that is both interesting and relevant to talk about!

I am here before you today because I am looking for new material. I want to know what it is that nobody is talking about that you wish they were.

What are your unanswered questions?

What are your secret fears?

What are the elephants in the room?

What is the one thing you wish you knew but are too embarrassed to ask?

(About Community Association Management, I mean. If you want other stuff, Urban Dictionary is probably where you should ask those questions.)

So please, help me out here. Tell me what you want to hear about so we can get out of this rut of topics. In the interest of fairness to the other guys, I am going to be sharing these survey results here on the CAM Blog for all everyone to learn from and take advantage of.

Let's change the conversation. Let's elevate the level of journalistic variety in the CAM industry. Viva la Revoluci├│n!

Fill in the survey below, or go here to fill out the survey.


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Thank you for your help! Your efforts will help to make the CAM Blog (and hopefully all industry media) better for us all :-)


*Image credit: English via pixabay

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