The Last Minute Gift Guide for Your Favorite Community Association Manager

Posted by Meigan Montoya on December 6, 2018

Happy holidays and welcome to the second ever "Last Minute Gifts for CAMs" guide, back by popular demand! No, really, our Sales Development Rep, Jen, came to me when she joined the team earlier this year and said that she actually went out and bought a PopSocket because it made the list, and she made a very good case for another list this year!

So, here it is: Your Last Minute Gift Guide for the Community Association Manager Who Does It All!


Maybe your CAM is the one who does the rounds of the community. Rain, shine, sleet, hail, no matter the weather, they're hitting the pavement, chatting with Old Man Jenkins about his begonia garden and helping Mrs. Jones wrangle her six kids into the minivan. They're out in the elements, taking photos of violations to upload into TOPS [ONE] at all hours of the day and night because that's just how they roll.

Your CAM is going to need some serious podiatric love. A pair or waterproof, anti-slip rain boots is just what the doctor ordered (probably, I'm not a podiatrist). And for days when it's not just wet, it's also freezing cold, a pair or five of cute, fuzzy socks to keep the piggies warm is a great, thoughtful gift, too!

Speaking of keeping warm, they're probably going to need a warm, weatherproof jacket, too. And some thermals never hurt! I just bought the best layering leggings and undershirts to wear for a winter trip and they feel like kittens are hugging me. Or, maybe they're like me, and they're in Florida, where the temperature jumps around on an hourly basis, and the chance of rain is always out there. A windproof umbrella is a great gift all year 'round.


And regardless of where in the world your CAM is located, all CAMs could use more coffee. A bag of the world's strongest coffee might just make you their new best friend, especially if you get them a 24hr hot/cold bottle to cart it around in. And if they're like me and hate hot beverages, a dishwasher-safe cold brew coffee maker would make for a very memorable coffee gift pack! Or, for the caffeine-free superheroes out there, tea is also a nice beverage gift to to give.

Speaking of being connected on the go, the best thing I ever bought for myself was a wireless headset. Music, videos, phone calls, it plays it all, and I honestly forget it's even there some days. Or, if you think your CAM just wants the ear buds and nothing else, these will do all of that at a fraction of the size! They could probably also use a good mobile device so they can stay connected on the go. Because TOPS [ONE] works on any and every kind of mobile device, be it smartphone, tablet, phablet, or whatever the newest new-fangled doodad is, your gift options are only limited to how generous you feel like being!



Maybe that just means getting them an eco-friendly cell phone case, or a power bank to charge their devices on the go! Maybe that means buying them a prepaid gift card to cover their year of data for their tablet, or decking out their whole team with iPhone Xs. The possibilities are endless! (And if you're running out of people to buy iPhones for, you can always send one my way--always!) 

And at the end of the day, when they're back in the office from their day of management adventures, a homey office is just the thing to help them wrap up their day. A comfy, ergonomic chair to plop down into would make a great gift (or maybe an ergonomic exercise chair is more their speed?), especially if it comes with a foot massager that'll fit right under their desk! And some desktop goodies are always appreciated, like a high tech smartphone sanitizer, because phones, while useful, get very gross very quickly!

Of course, there is one gift you could get your CAM that would REALLY blow them away. Something that will make their day-to-day tasks easier, that will increase their efficiency without weighing them down or tying them to a desk all day. Something that will really show them how much you value their effort and their time...TOPS [ONE]. It's the gift that keeps on giving, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!


Just a friendly reminder that the only gift on this list that generates any money for us is our own product. No items in this article give TOPS some kind of kickback or something. We just believe in looking out for one another!

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