Shed the Weight of Your Servers This Holiday Season

Posted by Meigan Montoya on December 14, 2018

It’s no secret that we’re big advocates for web-based software here at TOPS. We cannot stop talking about the benefits of TOPS [ONE] and why TOPS [ONE] makes the perfect holiday gift for the end of 2018!

But we’re not just tooting our own horn because it’s ours. There are a lot of reasons to consider web-based platforms over hosted (locally-installed and maintained) programs. Locally-installed products create access limitations, information separation, data storage cap struggles, communication interference, and so much more. Using a web-based application solves every single one of those problems.

Limited Access and Mobility

There are two ways that a hosted product  can hinder your access to your information. The first is through literal access by tethering you and your team to a single computer (or maybe two or three computers, because you’ve paid for multiple instances of the exact same product just so you can use it in more than one place), meaning you’re either stuck in your office all day and night, or you’re always missing important updates.

Then there’s the user access limitation which circles back to those two or three or four instances of the software you’ve purchased. That’s expensive, and you’re still limited to only a few people at a time who can use your management software.

Moving to an application that is web-accessible can resolve both of those access blockers. Because of the progress the digital world has made, people are in constant contact with the internet. This means that someone on a web-based platform has nearly unhindered access from anywhere at any time so long as they can connect to the internet (WiFi, LTE, 4G, etc). So for you night owls, wanderlusters, early birds, and workaholics, a web-based application gives you the freedom to work however you want, whenever you want. 

Additionally, a web-based platform worth its stock should also give you unlimited user access. Because the platform is completely online, there isn’t any additional effort expended when adding an extra administrators or users. that means no more shelling out extra cash for a new instance of a hosted product and wasting time with installation and set up.

If you're using TOPS [ONE], that also means you get to ditch Internet Explorer. I don't know about the rest of you, but the general consensus out there is that IE is old and hard to work with. TOPS [ONE] isn't just web-based, it's considered to be a browser-based software platform. That's because ANY web browser (Chrome, which is our recommendation, FireFox, IE, etc) will support TOPS [ONE]. 

Limited Documentation

A universal pain point for nearly every industry, but especially the CAM industry, is document storage.

Each development comes with a litany of legal documentation that must be kept and maintained correctly and for extensive periods of time, sometimes forever! That means that those using a hosted product are either constantly shelling out money for more online storage space, or they’re literally up to their eyeballs in banker’s boxes and filing cabinets full of paperwork--probably both. So not only is your documentation taking up valuable physical space, you've also got data silos to consolidate. It's a headache, and an unnecessary one at that.

While every web-based application can give you storage space, that space is frequently limited, and gaining additional space is costly and only a temporary fix. So most applications can help reduce physical file storage, but only up to a certain point. This is a very common business model. My iPhone, for example, keeps screaming at me about my cloud storage capacity being at 0 and that I need to pay $1.99/mo to get an extra 5GB of space. No thank you. 

Alternatively, TOPS [ONE] specifically gives you unlimited storage space for your documentation with Document Management built directly into the platform.. That means you never have to pay for extra space. No pop-up messages warning you about your space filling up, no aggressive emails suggesting you add more space before it's too late. As long as you have documents that need to be filed away (and added to any agents in your system, and tagged for easy searchability), TOPS [ONE] has a home for them.

Limited Communication

Communication is a major aspect of your job—it’s practically in your title, “Community Association Manager.” Most hosted software doesn't have an internal system of homeowner communication. That means you're spending extra money for a third-party communication provider that probably doesn't do everything you need it to do. If you're on a hosted product, you're likely chained to your desk, not just because your software is local, but because your office phone is constantly ringing. Homeowners are always trying to ask you about their basic information, meaning you're wasting time on ineffective, expensive communications. A web-based service is designed to address those needs. 

Everyone has access to the web, homeowners included. So automatically, you're in better shape to connect with your homeowners by introducing a web application. For some programs this means a dedicated portal or message board for homeowners to communicate through, and that can be useful. Far more so than a local product. 

Then TOPS [ONE], which has a specific homeowner communications section built straight into it. Owner Access provides your homeowners with all information relevant to their account. That means their violations, their dues payment history, it's all visible to them at any time. So those homeowners that are the same as you, night owls, wanderlusters, early birds, etc, have the same mobility and access freedom that you do when you switch to a web-based product. 

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