Seduce Your Community Association Prospects [SlideShare]

Posted by Meigan Montoya on February 14, 2017

seduce your community association boards

Bringing new clients into the fold can be challenging for any organization, but it's a special kind of challenge for Community Association Management Companies because you are selling to a committee (the board of directors) and we all know that doing anything by committee generally ends in a cluster.

In his previous CAMfire Sparks webinar, MBA James Bradley explained how you can apply the principles of behavioral economics to community association management. One principle was buyer emotion, and it was so intriguing, I felt the topic deserved some further (visual) exploration...

Seduce your prospects: Using emotion to evoke a loving response and get association boards to sign your contract from TOPS Software

With these tips, you should be able to seduce every prospect you have. Those boards will fall in love with your management company and fight for the chance to sign your management contract! Want more? How about watching the whole webinar (I promise it is well worth your time!)

How about sending your boards a CAM themed love note while you're at it? (Or save it for yourself! It's my gift to you.)

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