Secret Ways Property Management Companies Have Found Success

Posted by Tony Hatzidakis on February 20, 2014


Success in Community Association Management is arrived at by many factors, including hard work, a good reputation, competitive price-point with value, wise management of resources and staff, a good turn of events, and other factors, which you probably know very well.

We asked customers of TOPS Software if they would share their secrets of unusual ways they have found success. We received a variety of responses, and have compiled them for your inspiration. While not all of them will turn your world right side up, they are sure to help you think outside the norm—and hopefully produce the same results for your company! Here’s what fellow CAM professionals had to say to the question:

Is there anything unusual that you have done that has contributed to the success of your business?

Hire for Success

  • “Hiring people with a degree emphasis in the technology in order to maximize integration of technology to allow for a smaller staff to perform tasks that use to take more time."
  • “Our Business takes a team approach. We do not just have one community manager that only deals with that community. We have more so that the client always has someone to talk to.”
  • “Work in teams, build recognition in community with reputation and give back to communities you work for.”
  • “Hired a consultant.”

Leverage Technology

  • “Be on top of technology without losing the personal attention that customers still need."
  • “Social Media exposure, specifically Twitter, LinkedIn, GooglePlus,,“
  • “Not unusual, but set up payment coupons and lockbox.”
  • “ Wisely implemented TOPS software.”
  • “Brought in TOPS Software.”

Improve Communication

  • “Really listen to the residents and look for ways to save them money.”
  • “Always answer the phone by a person and not a machine (except after hours).”
  • “I believe the personal touch of a live person answering the phones is what makes our company stand out from others.”
  • “Just always give great customer service, because at the end of the day that's all it is about.”

Wise Management

  • “Terminate properties that are not profitable, thus reducing the portfolio but increasing profit. Future properties are carefully costed and only taken on as new clients if they meet profit margins and are an asset to the company.”
  • “Charging less than the market, putting more time than I was paid for in order to solve the issues left from the previous employee.”
  • “Changed CC&R violation enforcement for punitive to proactive assistance to the owners.
  • “Transparency.”

Branch Out

  • “I have become a Professional Registered Parliamentarian to become an expert at running meetings. Became a Certified Snow Professional to better manage the snow removal process in our communities.”
  • “Offered a customized report and have my own maintenance company.”
  • “Obtaining another company.”

General Tips

  • “We have a very relaxed office environment. We feel that being in a stressful business calls for relaxing as much as possible :)”
  • “I have been able to identify opportunity in the form of adversity.”
  • “Created professional welcome packets.”


We hope that these responses have given you some ideas which you can apply at your own management company. Have you already implemented an unusual strategy at your office? Share it in the comments!

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