CAM Mash Up: This Week (June 17 - 23)

CAM Mashup

This week in the CAM Mashup: Be prepared! From making summer plans for your community to keeping your association safe from hurricanes, preparation is everything.

Communication is Key, Even in Community Association Management

CAM Managers, Featured

Tom Willis, PCAM®, has a lot to say about the lack of resources available for CAM Professionals to best serve their customers. So do we.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (June 10 - 16)

CAM Mashup

This week in the CAM Mashup: Be prepared! From making summer plans for your community to keeping your association safe from hurricanes, preparation is everything.

Automation and You: Implementing Workflows

Management Tools, Technology, Featured

Every activity you perform in business has a process. Aligning these processes into a workflow is one of the most crucial steps in automating your business.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (June 3 - 9)

CAM Mashup

This week in the CAM Mashup: Don't get heated this summer! Find out how to stave off board-member burnout, mean-mail repercussions, and community pool contagions.

Future-Proofing Your Management Company [Free eBook]

Technology, Featured

As a Community Association Management company, you must keep up with evolving customer demands, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Our new eBook will teach you how to use automation to turn your organization into a future-proof, efficient, machine!

CAM Mash Up: This Week (May 27- June 2)

CAM Mashup

This week in the CAM Mashup: The skies are opening and bringing forth the dreaded summer hurricane season. Make sure you're ready, wherever you may be, for gross weather with helpful tips on landscaping preparedness, HOA insurance, and handling surprise expenses. Plus a quick rundown of the GDPR!

The GDPR and, Well, Everyone


Time for us to practice what we preach! We strive to keep all of our readers and clients in compliance with new laws as they pop up. With the implementation of the GDPR, it's our turn to do just that. See what changes we've made to our website and why.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (May 20-26)

CAM Mashup

Summer is almost here! Keep up to date with ideas that will get your community as ready for the oncoming months as possible, including pool and playground maintenance, and fun activities for the whole HOA to participate in.

10 Types of Property Management Software: Which Is Right for You?

Technology, Featured

If you are shopping for software to help you manage your portfolio of Condos and HOAs, the range of options available to you can be overwhelming. We help you make sense of the many types of Property Management software and how they work for community association management.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (May 13 - 19)

CAM Mashup

This week's CAM mash-up: expanding on your knowledge and why it's so important. From choosing the right contractor, to learning about different kinds of software and deciding which is best for your community, to keeping your insurance up to date.

CAM vs PMS... What Software Should I Choose?

TOPS [ONE], Technology

Choosing the right software is important. Property Management software companies will try to convince you that Condo and HOA accounting can be done just as well in a rental PMS. Is that true?

CAM Mash Up: This Week (May 6-12)

CAM Mashup

All the news of this week in community association management: Mediation, collaboration, automation and more in this week's CAM Mashup

Automation and You: The Benefits of Process Mapping

Management Tools, Technology, Featured

Every activity you perform in business has a process. From how you prepare for a meeting, to what to do when a homeowner calls in, they are all processes. Mapping out all of your processes is the first step in implementing automation.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (April 29 - May 5)

CAM Mashup

Short-term rentals, standing up for CAM industry best interests, safely salvaging food in a power outage, defining board resolutions, and more! All part of this week's CAM Mashup!

The Real Superheroes of Community Association Law

Featured, Legal

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you're wearing red and blue spandex, a flashy red cape, or a freshly-pressed suit, you have the power to induce change in your community, and you've got more help behind you than you realize!

CAM Mash Up: This Week (April 22 - 28)

CAM Mashup

Cutting out the investors in short-term rentals, meeting time management, tracking custom data, and the Peter Principle for fraudsters, all this week on the CAM Mashup

Best Practices for Tracking Custom Data for Community Associations

Technology, Management Tools, Featured

Tracking custom fields consolidates your info, and prevents errors due to outdated or inaccessible data. Custom fields help workflows by making it easier for you to evaluate, categorize, report on and customize communications. Learn how to plan and set up custom fields in association management.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (April 15 - 21)

CAM Mashup

From it's the fairly innocuous association voting, to knowing when to finish the fight for a bid, to the new legal conundrums facing Florida's coastal communities. All this and more in this week's CAM Mashup!

The War for Florida's Beaches

Legal, Large Management Companies

Beachfront property owners are about to have an easier time roping off their private beach areas...unless the government decides to get involved. Starting July 1, 2018, HB 631 will force local government to sue coastal property owners for public beach access. Here's what you need to know.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (April 8 - 14)

CAM Mashup

Social media, bankruptcy, swing sets in lawsuits and local government - These are a few of the things community associations need to be prepared to face. Learn the dos and don't in this week's CAM Mashup.

HOA & Condo Delinquencies: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Guest Post

When it comes to Condo and HOA delinquencies, getting in front of the problem goes a long way to preventing a special assessment. Mitch Drimmer of Axela Technologies explains the benefits of predicting delinquencies and how a quality collections solution can really change the game!

CAM Mash Up: This Week (April 1 - 7)

CAM Mashup

This week we've got a great lineup in the CAM Mashup for you all--updates to our previous article, how to build community engagement, and a big announcement from our TOPS Support team!

CAM Mash Up: This Week (Mar 25 - 31)

CAM Mashup

Board engagement, hiring contractors, websites in Florida, and reserves - this week we cover the foundations of community association management. All of this, and more in this week's CAM Mashup!

Everything You Need to Know About Condo & HOA Websites in Florida

Association Boards, Featured

New statutes passed in 2017 will take effect January 1, 2019. Is your Condo/HOA website compliant? Do you have one? If not, you need one! See what else you'll need to follow the law in Florida.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (Mar 18 - 24)

CAM Mashup

CAM Mashup this Week: Rules, rules, and more rules! This week's CAM Mashup is dedicated to some of the trending regulations being discussed this week. From populating your HOA Board, to equal housing regulations in terms of transgender persons, to condo resident's rights to privacy, it's all here!

Avoid These Six Common Detours in your Reserve Study "Roadmap to the Future"

Partners, Accounting, CAMfire, Featured

This year at the CAMfire Conference, Robert Nordlund, CEO of Association Reserves, spoke about the six common detours you'll face in your 'reserve study road map,' and how to avoid them.