Letters From the President - Software AND Service

Posted by Mike Hardy on July 1, 2018

Can't Have the One Without the Other

As we ramp up for the second half of the year I’ve been thinking a lot about what differentiates one company and/or service from another. On the surface the services a management company offers might seem the same as the company right down the street. Financial reports delivered? Check. Board meetings attended? Check. It can be hard to really find those discernible differences, especially from the outside looking in.

When I talk to clients about this topic, asking what helps to set them apart from the crowd, one trait always stands above the rest: customer service. It’s an important distinction, but it’s intangible. It’s not easy to demonstrate. It’s subjective. We all know when we’ve received it. And we certainly know when we haven’t. The message I hear is loud and clear: great product + great service = the winning formula for community association management.

Likewise for TOPS we prioritize the same things: great products and great service. Our mission remains: creating innovative new technologies backed by great people. It’s why I’m exceptionally proud of our support team. This unsung group of 17 people (it seems like just the other day it was under 10) is averaging a 96% CSAT (customer satisfaction) score for Q2, with some team members having a perfect 100% CSAT score.

Next time you’re working with our support team, make sure to take the time to provide feedback. We constantly want to get better. And if we’re providing good service, let them know.

Thank you for choosing TOPS!

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