Letters From the President - Moving Day!

Posted by Mike Hardy on September 28, 2018

Moving stinks.

Ok, let me restate this. Moving into a new home is amazing – it’s a better fit, it’s got the amenities you want, it’s in a better neighborhood, it’s got the things you didn’t have before.

The act of moving still stinks. It’s painful. It’s work. Things go sideways. There’s the list of things you need to do before you move (pack, declutter, organize). There’s the physical move. Then there’s the move in (unpack, declutter more, figure out where everything should go). It’s a very unsettled feeling.

I just moved, so I’m living this right now. I love our new house, but I can’t wait to say goodbye to boxes!

It got me to thinking about the hundreds of clients that have moved to or are moving to TOPS [ONE]. [ONE] offers a lot of upsides, but just like moving is hard, converting to new software is a process. Our Services team, like movers, are there to help clients through this, but there’s still work that falls on our client’s shoulders. A good conversion, like a good move, requires preparation and patience.

Thank you all for choosing TOPS and thank you too to those that are in TOPS [ONE] or are in the process of converting. The act of moving still stinks, but I'm here to tell you the outcome is worth it!

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