Letters From the President - It's a Partnership

Posted by Mike Hardy on October 31, 2018

You're More Than a Client, You're a Partner

I had a great week of meetings this week. I love when business partners visit, and we get to catch up and share notes and talk about plans to serve the CAM industry better. This industry is fortunate to have so many smart dedicated people serving it.

It got me to thinking: a strong partner can be the difference between doing well and doing very well. Partners come in all shapes, whether financial institutions, service providers, consultants, or technology firms, like TOPS, we all need strong partners to lean on to reach our goals.

At TOPS we approach every client relationship as a partnership. For 30 years this is how we built our business. It’s never been about winning at all costs, it’s been about doing right by a client, and being there when they need you. We’ve seen companies come and go, they go for quick wins or sell negative. That works for a while, but partnerships are built to last.

Do we get it right all the time? I wish, but we stay committed to that mission, to be the best technology partner for our clients so they can reach their goals.

If you’re using TOPS, thanks for letting us be your partner. If you’re not, I’d love to see if now might be the time for us to forge a partnership with you.

Click here to download the infographic.