Letters From the President - All the Many Hats

Posted by Mike Hardy on June 1, 2018

You Do It All

I write this from my family vacation. Someone once told me that there’s no such thing as vacations with kids, it’s just parenting in a different location. After a few days, I think I agree with him. But it got me thinking that parenting isn’t all that different than being in community management; in both roles you get to wear a lot of hats. 

At times you’re the banker, the therapist, the police officer, the voice of reason, the emotional support and overall sherpa. In fact in any given moment it’s hard to know sometimes which hat to wear. And even when you think you have it right, you need to be ready to switch quickly when events change. 

We made TOPS expressly for the community management industry because we’ve worn all these hats too! From Pro to iQ to ONE, we’re in the business of building tools to arm you to effectively wear every hat and fill every role for your communities. With [ONE] we’re delivering a completely new suite of tools that is no longer bound by devices or location and we believe that will making wearing all your hats just a little bit easier. 

We’ve got a local guide picking us up in 45 minutes for today’s adventure so I got to run. Hope your summer is starting off great. 

Click here to download the infographic.