Letters From the President - All About the Service

Posted by Mike Hardy on May 4, 2018


I just finished a quick trip to visit three clients. Three very successful, yet very different, management companies all serving the same market. It’s always an eye-opening experience hearing about their plans and challenges. It got me to thinking about what makes a management company successful.

When I ask clients what makes them successful, the first thing they will say is service. The CAM industry is first and foremost a customer service industry. Without that, you don’t have a business. Your reputation is built one call at a time. It’s one of the major areas that we wanted to improve upon in ONE – giving our users a more comprehensive task management system to keep on top of these customer service issues so that they can really shine.

The other main ingredient was expertise and knowledge. Successful management companies are ones that truly are the trusted adviser for the community. They’re in the know on legislation. They know who to contact to get a project completed. They have intimate knowledge on the community and how to help the board be successful. Codifying that knowledge isn’t always easy, but it’s one of the reasons we’re really excited to launch document management in ONE later this month. Giving our users the ability to store and quickly retrieve an unlimited number of files at no extra cost helps them be in the know at all times.

After this trip I’m itching to get back in the field again soon. I learn so much from our amazing customers and it inspires me and the rest of the TOPS Team to be the best partner to you that we can be. If you would like to meet, I will be at the CAI National Conference next week in Booth 1208. Stop by and say hi!

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