Letters From the President - A Look Back

Posted by Mike Hardy on December 3, 2018

A Year of Improvement

In 2018, TOPS made significant improvements to our Support processes. Every change we have made is geared to helping you, our client, be more successful and make accessing help easier. Some notable highlights from 2018 include:

  • Introduced online ticket submission – this eliminated the backlog from our phone queue and removed the phones as a fail point in our support process
  • Launched three client-facing help centers for PRO, IQ, and [ONE] – In response to client requests, we now have approximately 1000 articles to help clients get answers faster.
  • Grew support staff to 17 people – this is a 30% increase over 2017
  • We have begun offering Support in Spanish – we now have 3 staff that are fluent on the team to help clients
  • Rolled out UserIQ for in application guidance and assistance – this is a huge investment in providing clients better tools for support and feedback

We make these changes because we’re never content to just deliver the status quo. We listen to you, we are constantly looking to improve, because being the leader in Condo/HOA technology backed with the best services team is our main focus.

On behalf of the entire TOPS team, happy holidays and we look forward to serving you in 2019 and beyond!

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