Last Minute Gift Ideas for the CAM Pros in Your Life

Posted by Meigan Montoya on December 21, 2017

It's always better to give than to receive, even if you're doing it super last minute! Here are 12 last-minute gifts that every CAM in your life will appreciate. We've even linked directly to the listing so you can buy them all right away. 

HUDDY Heads Up Display

We all know community association managers have a lot of 'windshield time'. Between inspections and jetting from community to community, their GPS gets a lot of action. With the HUDDY, managers can turn their phone into a heads up display just like fighter pilots use. It's safer, easier, and the cool factor is off the charts!

Huddy Heads Up Display.png

1Tac Flashlight

Whether it's looking at pipes under floors, checking out cracks and crevices, or just walking around in dark basements, a good flashlight is an essential item in every CAM professional's toolbelt. This 1Tac flashlight is the ultimate tool - It's super bright (1200 lumens) and it can expand to wide field or tight beam based on your needs. It takes only 3 AAA batteries but has a battery life of 1,000 hours (wow!).


A Pair of Funky Rain Boots

Nothing is worse than having to walk a property in the pouring rain. It's cold, it's gross, everything smells vaguely moldy, and your shoes inevitably end up completely soaked through. This year, give your Manager the gift of warm, dry feet for even the wettest of days! A fun pair of rain boots are a great way to show your manager that you care.


4G Tablet

Doing things on a mobile device is so much easier when that device isn't a tiny little phone screen. And while your HOA automation softwares (hopefully) all work across every device you use (like TOPS [ONE] can!) it's nice to have everything on a big screen. That's why this 8" Samsung tablet is a great gift for any CAM professional who works best away from a desk. Give a gift that's easy on the eyes and on the job!


3-in-1 Stylus-Flashlight Pen

Multi-functional pens are so great, and this one is probably one of the best. For the CAM professional who is always multitasking, this little pen is a life saver. It's not just a pen, it's a touchscreen stylus, so your CAM pro can easily switch between writing down notes in their notebook, and logging a violation in TOPS [ONE]. But it's not just a pen/stylus either, it's got a great (and powerful!) little flashlight on the end as well just in case they ever need a little extra light.


Tile Mate - Key Finder, Phone Finder, Anything Finder 

We know you're all incredibly busy and that sometimes things fall through the your keys, or your phone. Sometimes in the middle of running around being the best CAM professional on the planet, you wind up misplacing small personal items. That's where Tile Mate comes in. Attach a Tile to your keys, your phone, your notebook, your favorite pen, and voila! Instant tracking of your items. Read more about how Tile can help out your favorite scatterbrained CAM pro here.


KeySmart - Compact Key Holder

Are you the key master? If you are, you know that the sound of jangling keys is probably the most grating noise on the planet, second only to unnecessary pen clicking. But don't worry, there's a fix for that. KeySmart is the gift to give every keeper of the keys that you know. The pocket-sized contraption fits up to 8 standard sized keys, turning them into a compact Swiss-Army Knife style holder, silencing the jarring jangle!


17oz Teakwood S'well Bottle

S'well bottles are a great gift for anyone, but especially for the CAM pro on the go! These bottles not only look great, they keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold without sweating all over your hands. 

PS:  Want to win one for yourself? Check out our Ultimate CAMfire Swag Pack giveaway--we're giving away one just like this! 


Pop Socket

Pop Sockets sound like the latest kid toy craze but trust me, they're not--they're so much better. This is the perfect gift for the CAM professional in your life who maybe drops their phone a few times a day or who always has a cracked screen. A Pop Socket is a nifty, multifunctional handheld device accessory. It's a grip, it's a stand, it's collapsible. It does it all and it makes a great stocking stuffer! 


6-Port Charging Station

I don't know about you, but at an one time I've probably got three different devices going. I've got my phone, my tablet, and my wireless headphones, all of which inevitably run out of battery all at the same time. Don't make your CAM pro do what I do (run off to find three available outlets and plus in all of my devices on opposite ends of the building), get them a sleek, portable charging station with 6 USB ports. All they'll need it one outlet and they can charge up to six devices at once, all in one place!


Local or National Chapter Membership

A really great gift isn't the kind you can wrap up and box with a pretty bow. Continuing education is a great way to show your favorite CAM professionals that you value them not only as people and friends, but as employees. A membership to the CAI National chapter, or even to your local CAI chapter, is a great way to show your CAM pros how much you appreciate their work.


CAMfire Tickets

Another great way to give the gift of continuing education is a ticket to CAMfire! With over 60 classes led by top industry professionals, and 5 invigorating keynote speeches, CAMfire is a great way to give your favorite CAM pro a little time away from the office soaking up that Orlando sun and CAM industry knowledge. Get your tickets here!


Aside from The CAMfire Conference, TOPS Software is not receiving any form of compensation or kickback from advertising these items. TOPS Software is in no way sponsored by Amazon or any of the products listed in this article. 

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