Just the Stats: Social Media Adoption in the Association Management Industry

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on February 23, 2015

Last week on the CAM Blog, I made the assertion that the CAM industry has not done well at adopting social media. However, I did not provide you with any evidence to explain how I came to that conclusion. So today I wanted to share my data.

We surveyed nearly 300 CAM professionals (who attended our CAMfire Conference in 2014) and asked this question: "Which of the following do you use to promote your community management organization?" We received 78 responses, in which people simply said yes or no to a variety of online marketing channels.

The Data


While 78 respondents is not emperical evidence, these respondants were from all over the US, and all individuals who identified themselves as community association management professionals—not board members or vendors. So I feel it is a reasonably good indicator of how our industry has adopted online marketing technologies, and as you can see from the charts above, we've got a long way to go.

Take Action

Are you thinking of incorporating a social media strategy into your association management organization? Here are some resources that will help:

*Header image credit: Pixabay user 3844328

In addition to these, our friends at AtHomeNet have designed a beautiful eBook that explains the basics of social media for community associations: 

The Essential Guide to Social Media for HOAs and Communities