It's Time to End the 'Baptism By Fire' for New CAM Managers

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on February 2, 2018

Starting a new job can be frightening. You don't know the unwritten rules of your new company, like what exactly does the dress code mean by "casual"? Is that khakis and a golf shirt? A button down shirt with no jacket and rolled up sleeves? Or flip flops and daisy dukes?

But at least if you are starting a new job in a field you've been in a while, you know what to expect from the job itself.

Think back and remember your first day on the job in the community management field. You were starting a brand new career in a field you hadn't worked in before. It raised the fear factor to a whole new level. It may have been paralyzing, because you literally had no idea what to expect.

Now, think about the last time a new person started in your office who was new to the industry. You probably gave them a baptism by fire, right? ("Welcome to the company. Here's your desk. You have 16 messages from angry homeowners, the lawn guy mulched all the succulents and you need to prepare financials for tonight's board meeting. Your computer password is on the sticky note under the keyboard. Good luck, I'll be back around lunch time!")

How can we expect new community association managers to do well with such an introduction? At best, someone takes them under their wing and helps them muddle through until they 'get it'. At worst, they burn out in 6 months and swear off CAM management forever.

Now I know you're busy, and nobody in your organization has the time to really nurture someone new. But on the other hand, in an industry that has a shortage of willing and qualified managers, you really cannot afford to 'burn and churn'. So what to do?

Enter Julie Adamen's training series, Community Association Management 101. This is a series of classes designed to walk new managers through the basic skills they need to do the job (and learn to love it!)

Here's Julie's description:

The concept is to provide the basic education (the “street knowledge”) to transition new employees into functional managers, quickly and affordably by providing a virtual mentor, if you will. There are 3 modules of 3 classes each, which we have beta-tested in a limited market. One manager said “I wish I had taken this class before the M100.” This program is not intended to replace any industry education; it is designed to get new people up to speed quickly so they can be a productive member of our workforce and then move forward to industry education and those important certifications.

These classes are being made available online in a virtual classroom style, for a very reasonable price. Each class is about an hour, and is conducted online in a video format. But I have an even better deal for you today.

Julie is bringing her virtual classroom to our very real classrooms at the CAMfire Conference this year. New managers have a rare opportunity to take advantage of the series, spread over three days, with extended time for questions and answers. Not only is this an excellent opportunity for new managers, it's a great option for anyone who was baptized by fire and fears there may be something you're missing.

Not only that, but if you are on a refresher course, the classes will earn you sweet continuing education credits for your FLCAM (Florida DBPR) or your CMCA (CAMICB) or even your AMS certifications!

You get 8 solid hours of the best training for CAM Managers - the kind you always wished your company gave but nobody ever had the time to put it together. At CAMfire, you can get it all: the sessions, plus the extended time, plus the course materials, and individual attention from Julie, and the course certificate for only $169 with your CAMfire ticket! Plus you'll be able to take advantage of all the other great things CAMfire has to offer, like keynotes, networking, one-on-one sessions with TOPS support and so much more! This is an unprecedented value that you won't see again.

I hope to see you there.


*Image credit: István Asztalos

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