It's a Beautiful Day at TOPS (Take Your Kids to Work Day)

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on April 24, 2014
It's Take your Kids to Work Day, and at TOPS we had some great visitors who went around the office to learn about TOPS. We asked them to write an article to tell us about their experiences, and here it is:

The Candy Box

I know where the candy is at TOPS. In a box with flowers on top... Open it, and you will see... THE CANDY!

All About Me

I am Hayden Allen. I am 7 years old. I live in Florida. My birthday is in April. And this is me and my dad.

Behind the Scenes at TOPS



Have you ever wondered what people do at TOPS Software? These are some of the people that work very hard at TOPS.

Mr Kevin taught us a lot about Sales. We learned that Mr Andrew and Mr Chris are Sr. Account Executives, and they sell to prospects and do demos, and Miss Kim, Miss Stefanie and Miss Stacey are Account Executives that help customers get upgrades.


This is Mr Kris. He works with the programmers to help them know what customers want in the software so they will make it.


Miss Jeanne is a wonderful person. She works at the front answering the phone when customers call. She is very nice.


Miss Amy, Miss Jeanette and Mr Alex work in support. They help people when they have problems.

It's so much fun learning about TOPS Software! You can learn things you never knew, and it helps you think about what you might want to be some day.



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