Introducing the CAMfire Conference

Posted by Mike Hardy on March 13, 2014


Sometimes, you just need to shake things up. As Thomas Jefferson said, “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing.” and while we’re not talking about toppling governments (First we’ll conquer the Condo/HOA space!), we are revolutionizing how we offer our TOPS User Conference in 2014 and beyond.

By any measuring stick, TOPS user conferences have been successes. Well attended, well supported, high attendee feedback – we can honestly say we’ve achieved all that these past four years. So why look to change it?  Simply put, we see an opportunity to create something big and amazing - and we like big and amazing!

In 2014 we’re taking a page out of other technology leaders’ playbooks (like Salesforce and Hubspot) to create the CAM industry equivalent of Dreamforce or Inbound, both events that have transcended being just a user conference to become a required destination for their respective industries. In that spirit, the TOPS User Conference is now the CAMfire Conference.

The CAMfire Conference will deliver all the great content that we’ve offered at TOPS user conferences in the past, plus multiple featured keynote speakers, industry topic discussions lead by thought leaders, customer panels and executive level content. Our goal is to build an event that brings TOPS users and other CAM professionals together to INFORM attendees about CAM industry trends, INSPIRE them to be a positive force, and IGNITE in them a passion to serve.

In the coming months, we’ll have many announcements to make about the CAMfire Conferences, from keynote speakers to class schedules. All information about the conferences, as well as registration information will be made available online at Visit it. Bookmark it. Get fired up.

I look forward to seeing you at CAMfire!



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