In Their Own Words: Why You Should Go to CAMfire

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on January 28, 2016


Whenever I attend a conference, I have two primary goals. First, I look for ways I can improve my function at TOPS: tips and tricks, new tools, industry trends etc. But the second thing I do is observe the event itself. I'm looking for ideas that we can learn from to make TOPS better: better as a company, a culture, and especially in the way we interact with our own audience - clients, prospects and partners.

I don't believe my reasons for attending a conference are any different than yours. I can spend all day talking about the 'fun' things that CAMfire has to offer. From the free swag to the massages to the fancy coffees. From morning yoga to free drinks and musical entertainment. Not to mention all of the many amenities Orlando has to offer. There's plenty of fun to be had.

But at the end of the day, the fun stuff is just gravy. It's not why people go to an industry conference. You go for the healthy stuff. The secret sauce that makes your business better and makes you better. And CAMfire does deliver on those things. But you've already seen the list of sessions and the keynotes and all that good stuff.

I wanted to take a few minutes to pull the words out of the mouths of past attendees. To show you why they attended CAMfire, what they learned, and most importantly whether it actually worked. In a post conference survey at the last CAMfire, we asked attendees exactly that. Here are their answers:

The Keynotes

At CAMfire we strive to provide intelligent keynote speakers that can help you think outside the box to improve your business. Some are industry insiders with decades of experience. Others come from the outside to bring a new, fresh perspective to community association management. See what past attendees thought of CAMfire keynotes.

The Keynote speakers were engaging and funny. That brought an element to this conference that I haven't seen at other conferences. I also thoroughly enjoyed the TOPS Zone, that one on one time proved to be invaluable.
I really enjoyed the keynote speakers. The topics were very positive and gave you good ideas of what to implement at the office. They were good speakers and kept your attention during their presentations.
The Key Note Speakers were very knowledgeable and entertaining. I liked learning about the future of TOPS and where the program is headed.

The Breakout Sessions

With over 50 sessions in 10 different training tracks targeted to TOPS users, management company executives, accountants, managers and admins, there's definitely something for everyone at CAMfire. But don't take my word for it!

The first hour, first day, first class I had 1/3 of my list of questions answered. It has had an immediate effect on our accounting work efficiency.
I thought the panel sessions were good. The TOPS Zone was convenient and offered knowledgeable people.
Meeting our contacts at TOPS :) Love being able to put a face with a name. The group sessions in between the classes were great!
I really liked the diverse selection of breakout sessions. Especially since I have been working with TOPS for 11 years. I felt that it was well rounded.

The Networking

Not to be underestimated, CAMfire is an amazingly effective way to interact with other CAM industry professionals. You’ll not only benefit from the classes and keynotes, but you can be maximizing your time by mingling with other CAM industry professionals and partners! Go for it!

I really enjoyed the networking: meeting with other users and getting accounts of their experiences with TOPS.
I liked the time that we had to talk to other managers from around the states. It was a good chance to round table ideas and what has worked in their companies and what has not. It's always nice to be able to share ideas with others in this industry.
I thought the mix between sessions and keynote speakers was perfect. As well as talking with other professionals in the industry about different topics in the CAM world.
Interacting with the TOPS professionals and other accountants one on one was great because it allowed me to ask critical questions that didn't fit into any of the other courses and allowed me to move at my own pace to understand and move on!

The TOPS Zone

While not exactly a class, "The TOPS Zone" is truly a learning center because it’s staffed with TOPS experts (even during class time). Unlike another “Zone”, the TOPS Zone is a “dimension” where you see real TOPS products and new ones to be available soon.

Because CAMfire is an expanded TOPS User Conference, it’s a great opportunity to learn from TOPS experts who will be on-hand. We’re always listening and responding, so if you have feedback, talk to us!

I am always amazed when attending these conferences that we are not using TOPS to its full potential. I would like to see more emphasis on TOPS functions with more time for questions and answers.
I enjoyed most the TOPS Zone, where I could get one-on-one training. I also enjoyed the food! = )
Meeting the TOPS team. I have used TOPS for 11 years and have enjoyed the people I have worked with over the years. I also enjoyed getting to hear Mike's vision for the company.


*Image credit: Pixabay user Stones


CAMfire is only a week away. And if you haven't already made the decision to come, I urge you to stop making excuses and take advantage of it. The benefits to your organization will carry you through the rest of the year.

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