Future-Proofing Your Management Company [Free eBook]

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on May 31, 2018

It's the digital age, and the world has changed. Your customers demand a higher level of service, instant notifications, online access to their information, and all at the same price they paid 20 years ago. It's not enough to keep your management company current. You need to be prepared for whatever the future may bring, to meet the new demands waiting just around the corner.

How can your management company balance these demands with the rising costs of doing business?

In a word: Automation.

CAM automation technology is streamlining more and more every day. Features like mass communications, access to accounting info from your phone, and 24/7 online access for homeowners can make your life, and the lives of the homeowners in the communities you manage, much simpler. And they already expect you to have it.

Now I know what you're thinking! "I'm not about to let some robot take away the jobs of my hardworking employees." And on behalf of all humans everywhere, we're glad you're thinking that, because not everybody takes the people into account.

But what if I told you there was a way to automate your processes without putting your dedicated staff out on the streets?

And what if I took that a step further and told you that automation could actually help you guarantee a more profitable, stable organization, giving your existing team the efficiencies to eliminate the rote portions of their jobs and free them up to do more of what they really love? That's the kind of automation we're talking about.

You already know that there are only two ways to get out from under a large workload: hire more staff, or automate processes.
You may have already tried the first method and found that it can be a downward spiral - you have to bring on new business
to make up the expense of additional labor, and soon the extra person you brought on to shoulder the old workload has a
whole new workload and you are right back where you started with an overwhelming workload. This leaves the only true
choice as automation.

Our new eBook, Future-Proof: Automation and Your Community Association Management Company, addresses the ever-growing expectations (and frankly, needs) of community association management, while providing real life examples of how automation can be used to relieve these pain points.

In your personal life you are using multiple kinds of automation every day, like when your phone auto-updates apps for you, or how Google suggests a range of search options based on the little bit you typed in to the search box. That's automation. And any service that doesn't have these automated options sticks out like a sore thumb.

Right now, the CAM industry is one collective sore thumb. We aim to change that.

This eBook was designed to break down which aspects of community association management can and should be automated, and explains with real-world examples why implementing these automated processes protects you and your business in the ever-evolving, technology-laden future. Then it shows you exactly how to introduce automation in your business, and ends up with a full breakdown of industry automation providers.

This book will help you transform your community association management business into a lean, mean, future proof machine!

Download your copy now!

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