New Hotfix Released 7-31-2015

Posted on Jul 31, 2015 5:00:00 AM

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We've got a small group of updates that weren't quite ready for prime time in our last hotfix, plus two new bank options for Auto Bank Reconciliation.  The updates in this hotfix will be available on the launcher Friday, July 31, 2015.

  • Auto Bank Rec –
    • Two banks were added to Auto Bank Rec.  These banks are Union Bank (HOA Svcs Legacy) and National Cooperative Bank (NCB).
    • Posting multiple adjustments for ACB were not posting correctly to the General Ledger.  The first adjustment was posting correctly, however additional adjustments were posting to Check Rec but not to the GL.  This has been resolved. 
  • Mail Queue Manager – TOPS iMail was misbehaving by not cleaning up orphaned emails in the postbox folder.  After the countdown completes, the iMail Manager will now look in the postbox and any orphaned emails will be sent with or without their related batches.  Also, a tooltip was added on the icon tray that tells the user when the next emails are being sent.
  • TOPS iQ Service Request Report – When selecting the option to open the Service Request Report, the Service Request grid was opening instead.  The SR report option now opens properly.
  • AP > Vendor History – AP Vendor History was missing data if the same Vendor was opened several times at once. This has been corrected.

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