May 2016 - TOPS [ONE] Update

Posted on Apr 29, 2016 6:23:20 AM

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The following new releases are being added to TOPS ONE as part of our May program release. As a web-based product, there is no action for you to take. Your TOPS [ONE] program is automatically updated in the cloud. Here's what's new:

Overall Improvements

  • Shortcut keys – Pressing CTRL+Spacebar will bring the focus to the main search bar.
  • Negative figures will now display inside parenthesis instead of with a hyphen:

Activity Feed

  • Added detail to AR Adjustment transaction types (Add Charge, Waive Charge, Prepaid Adjustment, and Beginning Balance)
  • Added detail to AR Backout Payment transactions.
  • Added detail to GL transactions
  • Comments can now be added and viewed on work items (violations, work orders, service requests) from the activity feed:

General Ledger

  • Check Reconciliation – Extensive work done to make check reconciliation provide improved usability.
    • Transactions will now filter by the ‘Statement Date’
    • Clearing/Unclearing transactions will now affect the appropriate un-cleared amount.
    • Added ‘Reconciling Balance’ line.
    • ‘Show Uncleared Only’ check box in check reconciliation will now be checked by default.
  • Chart of accounts will now accurately display the balance as negative/positive when appropriate.
  • Redesigned the journal entry process so it is easier to create multiple entries. Tabbing through the fields will automatically add the next line.


  • Resolved an issue with where some owners were not accruing charges after a resale.


  • Trial Balance report added to list of default reports
  • Check Reconciliation Report added to list of default reports
  • Added a ‘Totals’ section to the Aged Owner Balances report


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