Centralize Your CAM Management to be the Greatest Show on Earth

Centralization will help CAM professionals soar with grace.

Do you ever feel like a circus performer juggling items—some of which are aflame—all while riding a unicycle and being required to wear a big smile on your face? If so, and you're not part of the traveling circus, you're probably a community association management professional.

Like many professionals in the community association management arena, you have likely learned the hard way that tasks can build up quickly, important responsibilities might fall through the cracks and owners will be none too pleased when their needs aren't met. The hectic and frantic nature of this profession is nothing to shake a stick at, and we know just how difficult it can be to balance everything all at once. 

That's why centralizing your management can help ease the perpetual strain you face on a daily basis. Let's dive right in.

Centralization Equates to Success

Centralization would essentially be characterized as a comprehensive, tight strategy that is backed by the right community association management solutions, such as cloud-based software, mobile inspections and integrated vendor services.

Centralization is a fundamental step to the sustained success of your business. Centralization of community association management processes will impact each individual involved, from homeowners to board members to you and every other professional employed to maintain the community association.

"Centralized solutions give CAM professionals more time to excel."

We're not arguing that CAM solutions which help to centralize and streamline your management processes will fix all of your problems, but rather that the right tools can really boost your confidence and help you get a better handle on your responsibilities.

A solution that will centralize core responsibilities and functions such as maintaining clean accounting records, owner management, deed enforcement, producing monthly financials and beyond, acts as a powerful foundation for your team to function more fluidly.

The Dangers of Decentralization

A lack of centralization means a lack of control. Going back to the circus performer anecdote, the lack of centralization will be equivalent to slathering the ground beneath the unicycle with the slickest of oil. For CAM professionals, it will make the inherent challenges of the job exponentially tougher, perhaps even impossible.

This then translates to unhappy homeowners in the community association, and you cannot be having that.

We would argue that centralization is simply the most important aspect of control for any business, and especially an entity that has so many moving parts to worry about on a daily basis.

A lack of control and centralization will be most clearly detrimental when unforeseen issues arise, and if you know of a community association in which unforeseen issues never arise, please tell us all about it! My only question would be: is it black and white and are we moving to Pleasantville?


Following effective centralization, maybe the greatest advantage you can enjoy will be increased control. Coming full circle, this would be equivalent to giving that circus performer a level of confidence that would only be otherwise possible through decades of experience juggling flaming objects, smiling and unicycling all at once. Centralize your management with the right tools and techniques, and watch how quickly your service to owners will receive top marks.


*Image credit: Pixabay user Pexels

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