CAMfire Conference 2016 Wrapup (The Best Week Ever!)

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on February 13, 2016


Last week was the best week ever! We had three wonderful days of an absolutely incredible and inspiring conference with 400 of our closest friends in beautiful Orlando Florida. (See the album on Facebook!)

We asked CAMfire attendees to let us know what you thought of CAMfire, and the response has been overwhelming (we really do love you guys!) Here are some of your (and our) favorite things about the 2016 CAMfire Conference.

Inspirational Keynotes


With four awesome keynotes, I was blown away with the amount of inspiring and useful information we all learned. Attendees loved them too:

The keynote speakers were top notch and put a very positive spin on everything! LOVED IT!

The group/keynote talks in the main ballroom were amazing. Very informative and motivational.

Julie Adamen always gets me fired up in a good way and renews my interest in the industry.

Making New Partnerships


One of the great things about any industry event is the opportunity to be introduced to new partners who can help your business. At CAMfire, we had some of the top organizations that serve the CAM industry on hand to answer questions and help find solutions to problems. Many of our CAMfire attendees found this useful:

I loved getting to hear from various vendors about what they had to offer. 

We haven't shared much with the office at this time since we are still making decisions on how we are going to proceed with some of the Partners we may be utilizing in the near future.

New Products from TOPS made a splash


The new platform TOPS [ONE] made a huge splash at CAMfire. But that wasn't all! We also made announcements for major updates to TOPS Portals, TOPS GO! and TOPS iQ. Attendees loved learning about the new products and features that offered new opportunities in community association management software:

I loved seeing all the new software updates. You set my expectations very high and your staff delivered. 

We played with TOPS [ONE] all weekend as we shopped and wandered around. We used our cell phones and tablets. We look forward to a finished product going live.

Really excited about the future of our company thanks to partners such as TOPS who drive the technological advancement of our industry.

The Sessions were Educational and Useful


From the hands on labs to the awesome CAM industry content, everyone had something to say about the amazing sessions at CAMfire:

All of the sessions were great! I wish I could have attended every single one.

My favorite was 'What You Don't Know About TOPS Accounting'. The session ran over & I left. I wish I had stayed for more. GREAT one.

For me, the best was the email session by Paul Grucza which I began implementing RIGHT AWAY!

Every session I attended added value to my experience and I walked out of every session knowing something I did not know prior.

The TOPS Zone Was Helpful

TOPS_Zone.gifThis was our third CAMfire Conference and, we were once again reminded how much everyone loves the TOPS Zone. It gives TOPS clients the opportunity to have individualized time with the TOPS team to get their questions answered:

I enjoyed taking time to sit with employees and develop higher efficiencies and productivity through processes.

I was able to mingle outside of the sessions with people and learned even more speaking with some Key TOPS employees.

Truly my favorite part was being able to interact with the entire TOPS team. It really made us feel like valued business partners. It made our relationship with the people at TOPS stronger... after all it's all about the people!

Networking AND Fun!


Between the TOPS [ONE] and CAMfire custom cornhole boards (pictured), the generous bartenders and the delicious food, everyone definitely had a great time! The Happy Hours and Thursday night dinner were perfect for networking, decompressing, or dancing!

Speaking with other managers in the industry, sharing ideas and what works form them was very positive.

Speaking of dancing, the band Thursday night was off the hook! So good, even the Twitterverse got in on the action:


^ That one is just for those of you who missed out on CAMfire. Jealous yet?

Get Ready for Next Year!

Team_sm.jpgWe hope you enjoyed CAMfire, and if you missed it, put February in Florida onto your calendar right now, because next year is going to be even better!

The camaraderie of the participants and the investment in the TOPS Management to reach out to their clients to create real, long-lasting relationships. Excellent example!

Wonderful conference, great software (now and especially future updates), and tremendous staff (friendly, knowledgable, great to work with, and just plain nice - refreshing). I will be back next year.

See you next year!


*Header image credit: Stones via Pixabay

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