CAMfire Community Association Management Conference Delivers

Posted by Mike Hardy on August 14, 2014


It’s with relief/delight that I report that the inaugural CAMfire Conference exceeded expectations! So call me a pie-eyed optimist or just a promoter trying to push a brand, but this was not my sentiment alone. As we close the door on CAMfire St. Pete, it’s with the knowledge that the community association management professionals who attended were indeed INFORMED, INSPIRED, and IGNITED by this two day conference.

In 2013 as we were considering the shape and scope of our events in 2014 we saw two paths forward: keep the then current model of a “User Conference” or merge our “User Conference” with industry content to make something bigger and bolder. Industry leading companies in other sectors had done that to great success. So we decided to choose the latter route – and that’s where our anxiety came in.

“What if we don’t pull this off?” That thought hung in the air for the months leading up to this. We knew we would, but you always wonder or worry. “What if we promote something as being awesome, but it’s really a stinker?” That thought was out there too. This event had to meet the hype – AND IT DID!

We advertised two “jam-packed” days of CAM content and CAMfire delivered. Advanced and introductory TOPS content? Check. Information CAM industry sessions? Check. Executive content for running a management company? Check. Funny/educational keynotes? Check. Not just a big TOPS sales pitch? Check.

As the two day event unfolded you could feel the buzz. The CAMfire conference was alive with ideas, conversations, sharing, and growing. Session leaders were getting into the real meat of the CAM industry – managing boards, identifying ways to become profitable, using social media, smart use of cloud technologies – topics that are profoundly important to management organizations. Attendees were responding by being forthcoming with their stories and challenges. For me, I loved it. I love hearing from CAM professionals about what makes their lives easier and what issues they are wrestling with.

And the keynotes really delivered! Julie Adamen, Donna DiMaggio Berger, Rolf Crocker, and Lisa Huetteman unpacked treasure troves of knowledge and experience. From building a winning company culture to building and protecting a community’s brand, the keynotes were on point with content for today’s CAM professional. Thank you all so much for doing an amazing job!

In the TOPS Zone, clients were given the opportunity to sit down with a TOPS staff. It could be asking a support person questions about issues that they face. It could’ve been getting personal one-on-one training from our Professional Services team. The TOPS Zone was all about getting up close and personal with the TOPS team and TOPS products. By all estimations, this was one of our attendees’ favorite parts of CAMfire.

So we close the book on CAMfire St Pete and turn our eyes to Las Vegas. September 25-26 will be here before you know it – and there’s plenty of time to sign up and join us at this event. CAMfire is for TOPS users and all CAM professionals and we want you to join us and get fired up! See you in Vegas baby!

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