CAM Mash Up: This Week (Sept. 24 - 30, 2017)

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on September 24, 2017

Rules are a big part of living anywhere, but HOAs specifically have rules that can rub homeowners the wrong way. We've got some common FAQs about HOA rules, some info about what to do when smoking maybe isn't covered in those rules, plus Vendor Management Process information, and tips and tricks to keep your senior citizens entertained. It's all this week in Community Association Management!

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Smoking Complaints

"One of the most common complaints that HOA boards receive is regarding secondhand smoke from a neighbor. This is also one of the most difficult issues to navigate as there are often strong feelings on both sides and laws surrounding the issue are not clear-cut. Even if the HOA is in agreement that a smoke-free policy should be adopted in the community, resistance to the idea along with the complexities that come with such a decision can seem like an impossible hurdle! In the event that residents in your community are complaining about smoke, there are several steps that you can take to ensure that everyone can have a peaceful living situation." Check them out here! 

FAQ Regarding HOA Rules

"When it comes to living in a homeowners association-governed community, you must abide by HOA rules and restrictions. While they're in place to better the harmonious environment and upkeep common areas, many potential homeowners and renters have questions. Check out IKO Community Management's list of frequently asked questions about HOA laws.

6 Steps to Create a Vendor Management Process 

"A business manager can create strategies for improvement to various internal processes, but the strategy is only as good as the implementation. Many managers are recognizing the need for a comprehensive vendor management process to improve efficiency along with other goals to increase the bottom line. Here, we’ll go through a step by step process that will help inform your vendor management process."

5 Reasons to Implement a Vendor Management Process

"If your community management company doesn’t already have a structured vendor management process in place, it’s time to consider one. Vendor management has become a mainstream topic in the community and property management industry. Management companies must often contact third-party contractors to resolve maintenance issues in residential units or common areas. Significant emphasis is most commonly placed upon vendor compliance, management efficiency, and enhancing customer service to residents/owners in the community. Need more reasons? Read on!"

Active Seniors 

"Developers are taking note of the new demands placed by buyers in adult communities. Ten years ago the average buyer age was 72 years-old; now it is 62 years-old. With the younger age comes an expectation of services and amenities that developers strive to provide. Here are just four ways active adult communities are changing."

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