CAM Mash Up: This Week (Oct 28- Nov 3)

Posted by Meigan Montoya on October 29, 2018

Halloween is arguably one of the greatest holidays of the year. You get to play dress up, candy is free, and the office potlucks are always a good time. Here are a few tricks (all good ones, I promise!) and treats to kick the holiday week off. Here's all the news and info you might have missed this week in Community Association Management with this week's CAM Mashup!

Tricks (to Make Your Job Easier)

  • Self-promotion sometimes feels fake and gimmicky--it's hard to talk up how great you are without sounding disingenuous! But embracing and putting out your most confident self could be a huge benefit for your company.The Muse has some great tips to turn a self-promo into your next referral.
  • True cultural appreciation is such a good thing! Your office culture is so important to the success of your company, because happy employees mean happy clients, and happy clients mean happy you! AICPA has a 4-step plan to solidify your company culture. 
  • A good trick up your sleeve might be a bitter (though well-deserved) trick for someone else. A trick to remember: be willing to fire your clients. James Long knows when to cut the cord, and you should, too! See what his experience has been and when he knows it's time to walk away.

Treats (Because Who Doesn't Love Treats?)

  • Treat yo'self to some millennial mojo! IKO Community Management says that millennials are the biggest demographic hitting the homebuying market, meaning it's time to start reconsidering the kind of needs of your community. This may sound like a trick, making you reconsider how you run your community, but it's actually a treat in disguise! There's never been a better time to consider a more modern software to cater to your incoming generation of homeowners. They like ease of access, and green (environmentally-friendly!) alternatives, so maybe a web-based option (like TOPS [ONE]) is worth considering! 
  • Holidays are always a time of fun for everyone...but sometimes that can create some hostility and competition when it comes to decorating. Many HOAs have strict rules dictating what can and cannot be put out on display, rubbing many the wrong way. Give a treat to your homeowners this year and work with them at an upcoming meeting to find a pleasant middle ground in this area. Maybe this is the year you let them put up an inflatable Santa on their lawn, but only up to 4' tall. Compromise is the key to happiness!
  • Liam Neeson is a role model in a lot of ways, but we should probably aspire to bigger and better things than him and his "very specific set of skills." Building up your arsenal of work-related skills will do a lot of good for the future of your career path, so here are 17 skills to consider boosting up in your day-to-day work life!

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