CAM Mash Up: This Week (March 19, 2017)

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on March 19, 2017


This week, spring is in full swing, and very soon, potential new tenants will be on the look out for a place to call home! This week's CAM Mash-Up has some great information on how to make sure you attract the best kind of tenants to your homes, and so much more. Read on and learn about the trending millennial home owner journey, why silence really can be golden, and much more!

As an educated member of the Community Association Management industry, you already know how crucial it is to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest news, trends and happenings within the industry. Each week, we bring together our favorite reads of the week and share them with you! Enjoy the CAM Mash Up and please share it too!

Millennial Homeowners

Generally, when I think of my generation purchasing homes, I think of them settling down in the city, close to all the action and with the luxury of walking as their main mode of transportation. However, according to this article, "nearly 50 percent of millennial U.S. homeowners were in the suburbs in 2016, 33 percent in an urban area and 20 percent in rural places." Certainly not what I expected at all! 

New to the Board? No Problem.

"Joining the HOA Board can be exciting, but also a little bit daunting. After all, an HOA is a real business with a real budget, and its decisions impact all the homeowners within the community. Your work matters, and there isn’t always a lot of time to ease into your new role. A lot of the time, you just have to hit the ground running. That’s what makes it so important to truly prepare for your role in whatever time you have available. There is much you can do to school yourself in HOA service, both immediately following your election and even in the early weeks of your Board tenure. We’ve got a list of three basic steps you can take to ensure that you are truly ready to serve."

Appreciate the Silence

"Despite the members who view conflict as sport (and you have already identified that lot), you should consider your job well done when there is “no news”. Cherish the quiet times as they are fleeting in community management. Remember why you are there, and try not to allow yourself to feel unappreciated. At the start of a new project, recall the sense of accomplishment you felt when you successfully completed the last project on time, and on (or under) budget! You should celebrate your little victories with your team, and not expect too much from the board or community members."  

High EQ = Entrepreneurial Success 

"As an entrepreneur, you have the ambition and confidence to start your own business because you’ve mastered a particular skill. You offer great graphic design, or know the ins-and-outs of online marketing like it’s second nature. Perhaps you’re in a trade where you’re on top of all the most current tech aids and applications. While knowing your subject matter—your IQ—is the natural foundation for starting your business, it’s not enough to manage and grow it successfully. That’s where your EQ comes in. You need EQ just as much to reach your business potential." But what exactly is EQ

Attracting Quality Tenants 

I can't imagine a worse nightmare as a property owner than leasing to terrible tenants. But what if there were some tried and true ways to avoid this mess altogether by attracting your dream tenants instead? I thought you might be interested...


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