CAM Mash Up: This Week (July 02 - July 08, 2017)

Posted by Brianna Sturm on July 2, 2017

As we head into this holiday week, it's important to keep in mind the sometimes outrageous concept that there is more to life than work! We can all appreciate a solid hustle, but you've got to make some time in your day for life outside of your job. So this week we're talking about the ways you can keep yourself happy, healthy and still hustling, plus a couple of ways to approach work when uncomfortable situations arise. 

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That elusive concept of work/life balance...have you mastered it yet? Yeah, I'm not sure many of us have. However, it is incredibly important to strike that balance of getting your work done without forgetting to take care of yourself. Check out this article for some great tips on how to start putting yourself first without neglecting your career! 

Self-care: Part Two

Just to drive my first point home just a bit more, you want to be considered an interesting person right? "If you only leave the office to go home, answer more emails, and read a book on how you can be a successful leader, you’re missing out. That’s not a rich, fulfilling life." More reasons why it is SO important to have a life outside of your job

Time Flies

Since turning 30 over a year ago, my life has been flying by. Something about entering into this new decade has made time feel as though it nearly doubled in speed. I mean it was JUST New Years Eve, no? This article spells out this crazy phenomenon and how you can work to correct your perception of 'time flying by'

Please, Don't Pet the CAM

"I am very fond of my senior homeowners, their lives are interesting, inspiring and encouraging, but sometimes they can be a bit too “feely”. I worked with one committee member who was a coach and once (only once) smacked me on the behind along with an atta-girl shout! The next time, I jumped out of the way of the smacking hand, just in time. He was a quick study; there was no third time." Read more here.


"Knowing exactly what you’re doing at work is a great feeling. You’re confident, full of ideas, and ready to tackle anything. Except—lately, you’ve noticed your co-workers seem to be avoiding you. They’re not extending invitations for group projects and you’re pretty sure you caught them rolling their eyes when you speak.

What gives?

The harsh answer is, to quote an old cliché: “nobody likes a know-it-all.” The more nuanced one is that they want to feel good at their jobs, too, and if you swoop in with the right answer all the time, they don’t have that chance. So, it’s not enough to have the best ideas—you need to pay attention to how you deliver them, too. On the bright side, a few simple shifts can help you salvage your reputation, and once you do, you’ll have the complete package of good ideas plus thoughtfulness."

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