CAM Mash Up: This Week (Jan 21 - 27)

Posted by Meigan Montoya on January 28, 2019

Here's a quick rundown of all of the happenings in the CAM industry in this week's CAM Mashup!

What's the Point?

"What is an HOA/condo association anyway?" You've probably been (indignantly) asked this question by prospective new owners who balk at the notion of having to pay a monthly or even yearly fee. They question what the big deal is about living in a community association and what you as a community association manager even do (besides hand out 1000% unfair violations, I mean come on my trash cans were only out three days past garbage day!), and why a group of other owners are allowed to be in charge.

The legitimacy, necessity, and overall benefit of an HOA or condo association is really hard to understand until you're in the thick of it actually using up those sweet, sweet bennies. Remind them about the pool they'll have access to, the community spaces they get to take advantage of, and the market value uniformity and cohesion in a community bring to their property!

Breaking Down the Board

New homeowners aren't the only ones unsure of what their board does for them, though. We always talk about the industry joke that 'no one grows up wanting to be a CAM,' but the same can be said for board members. No one really knows what the board does until they're thrust out of the frying pan and straight into the fire. And even those that have been around the block a few times are often faced with the paradox of the things they know that they know, the things they don't know that they don't know, and everything in between.

The board is crucial to the success of the community, and being able to help them understand why they have to hold these silly meetings all the time, and how to handle money that isn't even theirs, will make their lives easier, and by extension, your lives as their community association managers. 

Now Back to You, CAM!

Let's not forget the top tier of our community pyramid. You're the ones that have to ensure all of the snags mentioned above (that you probably deal with on the daily) are handled swiftly and effectively. Now you can't please everyone, but you can at least keep most everyone informed! Especially in Florida now that the new statute about websites has been implemented, records keeping and documentation is unbelievably important, and one of your strongest allies in the HOA and condo association world. Everything from community announcements to individual homeowner communications and meeting minutes are important bits of documentation that can help homeowners and board members better understand the importance of their HOA or condo association and their part in it!


Do You Have Big News This Week? 

If you've got big news that would be relevant to other CAM professionals, please share it with us in the comments, or email and share a link to your news with us for inclusion in the next mash-up!

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