CAM Mash Up: This Week (Jan 11 - 17, 2016)

Posted by Brianna Sturm on January 17, 2016


This week in community association management, teamwork took the spotlight. We learned the 9 traits that make up high performing teams, how culture eats strategy, and exactly what it takes to get certified. We also looked at the difference between a partner and a vendor, fully funding reserves and green roofing in Florida. Read all about it in the CAM Mashup!

As an educated member of the Community Association Management industry, you already know how crucial it is to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest news, trends and happenings within the industry. Each week, we bring together our favorite reads of the week and share them with you! Enjoy the CAM Mashup and please share it too!

Partner v. Vendor

"What is the difference?  And why is a partner better than a vendor? Vendors deliver only the service they are selling. Partners do the same, but will go above and beyond to make your job easier. Not only that, but partners are truly driven to see your business succeed.” Let’s take a closer look at what distinguishes a vendor from a loyal partner here!

Culture Eats Strategy

I am beyond excited to be able to say that the author of this article will be one of our keynote presenters at this years CAMfire Conference in February! In this article, Shane Parrish take a deeper look into why Culture is King when it comes to a successful organization and ironically, this is exactly what we have asked him to speak about at CAMfire! You won’t want to miss this presentation!


Have you ever been a part of a team that is incredibly disjointed, unorganized, and unproductive? Of course! We all have at some point in our lives. Never let that happen again. This awesome infographic from Hubspot breaks down 9 key traits that define a successful team! Hint: You may need more women ;)

Getting Certified

“I'm a firm believer in the value of certifications. A certification gives you a common foundation of knowledge and expertise in a given area. A certification announces to the world that you have acquired that knowledge, and are qualified to speak - and act in that area. A certification provides a layer of protection between you and the naysayers that question your credibility.” Check out our very own Marketing Manager’s journey to getting her CMCA certification here

Fully Funded

Studies have shown that in 70% of communities across the country, reserves are underfunded. That's a staggering statistic that may even be lowballed. And underfunding is a vicious cycle that spirals down over the years as the infrastructure of the community gets older. But it is possible to turn it around. Learn more here.

Green Roofs

As a Florida resident, I was bummed to hear that the trend of green rooves has not taken off. The thought of the high rises in my city of St. Petersburg holding a rooftop garden is one of the only things that could make me love my city any more than I already do. Check out the reasons that are keeping this trend from skyrocketing in the Sunshine State here!


*Image credit: Pixabay user Fill

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