CAM Mash Up: This Week (April 16, 2017)

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on April 16, 2017

Happy Easter! Aside from bunnies and chicks and brightly colored eggs, Easter is a time of new beginnings. In Community Associations, every day is a new beginning, and a new challenge. It's one of the things that we love about this industry! It's why we work hard to build good will in our communities, and why we work hard to encourage good communications, and why we work so hard to keep our communities fiscally and governmentally healthy.

We build great community associations. It's what we do. This week, and every week in Community Association Management.

As an educated member of the Community Association Management industry, you already know how crucial it is to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest news, trends and happenings within the industry. Each week, we bring together our favorite reads of the week and share them with you! Enjoy the CAM Mash-Up and please share it too!

Good Will

"Good will is one of the critical resources that fuel social interactions – that “neighborly” feeling of trust. In an Association, it facilitates progress. To someone without emotional intelligence, the absence goes unnoticed. To everyone else, it is readable in body language, enthusiasm, and energy. This is important. You want people who work with your community to act like they live there – not treat it like another crappy job. Without Condo Association good will, your community becomes just another crappy job for them. That’s never good, so it is paramount that a Board foster Condo Association good will."

Burning Motor Oil

Until reading this article, I honestly didn't know this practice was even in existance. Did you know that it is a rather common cost-cutting measure for buildings to mix used motor oil in with the heating oil? This sounds wildly unhealthy, no? Do you know if your community is guilty of this? 

Quietly Creating Freedom

"For the last several centuries, nation-states have dominated the political landscape, and set all the rules for everyone inside them. But now two kinds of special jurisdictions-private communites and "Special Economic Zones" - are quietly taking over functions and providing options that traditional polities cannot or will not. This gentle revolution has already brought comparative wealth and better living to millions of people-perhaps including you."

The Infamous 'Money Tree'

My childhood wouldn't have been quite the same had I not heard "money doesn't grow on trees" from a male elder in my family at least once a week. But man, wouldn't life be easier if it did? Check here for some innovative ways to start growing a bit of extra cash for your community! 

Taking your HOA's Temperature

"If you are part of an HOA community, it probably means that you have invested a lot of time and resources into the community. Perhaps you are a member of the board, or you have simply paid your HOA dues consistently for years. It is likely, therefore, that you desire for your HOA to be running as smoothly as possible, but sometimes it can be hard to ascertain the health of the community at first sight. Here are some ways that you can use to see how well your HOA is functioning, and whether or not changes need to be made." 

Mobile Communication

Getting homeowners involved in your community can be quite a challenge. You send newsletters and emails, but half the community doesn't read them! Imagine if you could get a 98% response rate from residents within ONE MINUTE of making an announcement? Learn how you can take the next step in mobile communications!


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