CAM Mash Up: This Week (Jan 6 - 10, 2013)

This week in Community Association Management

The cloud, the board, the kudos and the poop - what do these things have in common? It's This week in Community Association Management

As an educated member of the Community Association Management industry, you already know how crucial it is to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest news, trends and happenings within the industry. Each week, we bring together our favorite reads of the week and share them with you! Enjoy the CAM Mash Up and feel free to share it too!

TOPS in the Cloud

This week’s White Board Wednesday from Trapp Online is specifically focused on the Property Management Industry and yours truly…TOPS Software! Ashley Capps shows us how taking your TOPS to the cloud can help skyrocket your property management company to the next level!

Define the Problem    

Does your board follow a specific process when it comes to passing a new rule? They may be spending too much time creating the new rules to put in place and NOT enough time defining the actual problem itself! Einstein himself has something to add to this topic…

And the Winner Is…

As CAI kicks off its 41st year, they announced the Association’s new President and Board of Trustees. Congrats to Julie McGhee Howard and other newly elected board members (including former TOPS employee Bruce R Gran - way to go Bruce!) for being the new leadership of the 32,500-member international organization. Here’s to a great year in the community management industry!

Dog Poop Murders

Everyone has a breaking point. For one Dallas resident, his breaking point came after months of harassment from his neighbors. Harassment that came in the form of liquefied dog poop being poured on his property. One day…he snapped, fatally shooting the culprits.

Communication is Key

The absolute best way to avoid the rumor mill within your community is to keep your residents informed-in writing! With any major news, changes, rulings and even events, be sure to communicate all details in writing and make these documents accessible to all who reside in the community. This is your best bet to eliminate misinformed residents and unwanted rumors.

Congrats Campbell Property Management!

On January 8, 2014, Florida Community Association Journal held their first annual expo at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. It was here that FLCAJ announced the winners of the Reader’s Choice Awards. And who won in the Property Management industry? None other than TOPS’ longtime client, Campbell Property Management! Congrats again!

Do You Have Big News This Week?

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