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Holiday Cards from your CAM Management Company 

Guest Post by Michele Wilson, Deluxe Corporation

As a property management company owner you know how hard it is to get and keep customers, set your company apart from the competition and make employees feel valued. Building customer relationships, getting your name out there and keeping employees happy are critical to your success.

Showing your appreciation

Holiday cards are a great way to keep your business top of mind. A study done by Hallmark Business Expressions found that half of the customers who receive holiday cards from businesses say they are more likely to continue doing business with that company.

Marketing your business

Holiday cards do double duty, they make the recipients feel appreciated and also serve as a subtle way to market your business. Many recipients display their card all season long which means other employees, clients, friends and even family members could see your card. Maximize your company exposure by choosing a card that displays your business name on the front.

Selecting a Design

Like choosing a card for your own use, selecting a card for your business should be just as personal. You want to choose a card that reflects your company image and incorporates a personal touch. For example, if you love the outdoors choose a card with nature scenes or if you enjoy animals select a card with animals.  Regardless of the design you choose, a professional card says a lot about your company, goes a long way in making customers and employees feel appreciated and is a low cost way to market your business.  Send holiday cards this season!

Six tips from Hallmark Business Expressions' Marc Wagenheim to make a lasting impression with holiday cards from your business:

  1. Holiday Cards from DeluxeHandwrite a message.
    "It will mean more than if it's just a stamped thing. A card is something you can personalize and the stronger your message the more it will stand out." 
  2. Spell the recipient's name correctly.
    "Spelling a customer's name incorrectly on a card is one of the worst mistakes you can make." 
  3. Building customer relationships, getting your name out there and keeping employees happy are critical to your success.Send Thanksgiving cards.
    "It's the nature of the holiday to say 'thank you' and the card won't get lost in the droves of Christmas cards." 
  4. Send cards early.
    "Oftentimes, whoever receives the card will leave their cards up in the office until the end of the year. So, by sending early, you will have your name or brand in front of the recipient all season." 
  5. Holiday Cards from DeluxeConsider eco-friendly cards.
    "The single biggest trend in the last year or so is a movement toward greener solutions...Cards with recycled content make a statement." 
  6. Consider secular designs.
    "There's a movement toward more secular designs. The intent of a greeting card is to strengthen relationships and if you're not clear if a customer practices a particular religion, it's better not to guess wrong even though customers tend to be very forgiving of those kind of mistakes. However, if you know which holiday people celebrate, it's great to be more specific."

 Excerpted from The Washington Post