How 'the Cloud' is Reshaping the Corporate World

Posted by Guest Post on July 5, 2013

The Cloud is Good

Guest Post by Ashley Capps of Trapp Online

The Cloud is Here

It's been quite the buzz phrase for the past 2 years — 'the cloud' — and there's no denying that it's a force to be reckoned with. Many businesses have fully embraced the cloud and its long list of benefits, but other companies have been resistant to change. Why so? The root of the hesitation could be that the introduction of new technology can bring on a certain level of anxiety among less-than-tech-savvy employees. Apprehension and fear of the unknown are holding businesses back from technology advancements as well. Even still, the cloud is whittling its way into businesses of all sizes, molding corporate culture along the way.

Workstation Integration

A cloud environment allows for easy integration of computers, tablets, and smartphones. What's beautiful about the cloud is that it makes a diversity of devices possible. If an employee needs to be out of the office, on a job site, or just work remotely, they're able to access the same software and data as if they were sitting at their desk. This also opens up the world of bring your own device (BYOD). Some employees may find it cumbersome to carry both personal and work devices with them. With the cloud, they can access their work data on their personal devices, cutting down the bulk in both their briefcase and the company's budget.


It's difficult to denote one certain benefit of cloud computing as the flagship feature, but collaboration is pretty high on the list. Where you used to have to wait for a colleague to respond to an email with changes to an attached document, you now can see the updates in real time on the cloud. This is great for both employers and employees, because a quicker turnaround time means less time spent working on a project, and in turn, less frustration and time spent idle. In certain environments, you can issue passwords to different personnel to restrict or allow data visibility as needed.

Anywhere Access

Another crowning achievement of the cloud is that it affords you the ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection. That means if you need to work from a moving vehicle, in an airport, from home, or on the job site, you can do it. With a mobile-enabled device, you can accomplish the same work (or more!) away from your office. While this can benefit all industries, those in the community management field know how invaluable it is to be able to access their software remotely.

It's interesting to see how seamlessly the younger generation has adapted to cloud computing — after all, it's difficult to find a member of the millennial generation that remembers what work was like without the internet — but the cloud brings benefits that make the shift in the corporate world well worth the move.


Ashley Capps
 is an Online Community Specialist at Trapp Online, an ultra-secure cloud application hosting service provider.


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