Community Manager's Minute: Stress, Distractions and the Art of Focus

Posted by Guest Post on June 20, 2013
Managers Minute with Julie Adamen: 60 seconds to being a better community association manager

This month in the Community Manager's Minute with Julie Adamen, Julie talks about something that affects a LOT of CAMs and people in related businesses as well - STRESS. She gives some great tips about dealing with it, one of which is to stay focused. Julie illustrates that point in quite possibly the most entertaining video so far in her second installment on distraction. Don't miss these great videos!

Stress Management

Let's face it. As much as we may love Community Association Management, it can be a stressful job. Maybe not as stressful as brain surgeons or heads of state experience, but we get our fair share of it.

Image Credit: bottled_void ( this video, Julie reveals the secret that successful people in high stress positions use to deal with stress: They become masters of compartmentalization through intentional focus. Here's how you can do the same:

  1. Focus on whatever you are doing at that time. 
  2. Take any issues not related to your present focus and put them in a mental compartment.
  3. When your mind wanders off task, bring it right back to what you are doing.

It almost seems too simple, but as Julie points out, by giving the current task 100% of your attention, you are doing your best on that topic, so your work is not compromised, and therefore you are not stressed! 



And speaking of focus... I need more coffee.

In what is simultaneously the most entertaining and the best illustration of how easily distractions can take over your day and slow down your productivity, Julie tackles the topic of dealing with distractions. Here are the takeaways:

  1. Focus on what you are doing, giving it your full attention.
  2. Get your coffee ahead of time.
  3. Turn off the phone.
  4. Stay away from Facebook.
  5. Go out, do what you do, and do it well. 

What do you think?

Do you have a hard time staying focused? What techniques have worked for you? Share it in the comments!



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