7 Top Community Management Industry Insiders you Need to be Reading

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Obviously, we hope that you will consider the TOPS CAM Blog to be an item on your "Must read" list, but there are many other 'movers and shakers' in the industry that you can (and should!) learn from. We wanted to take a minute to share with our readers some of the leaders in Community Association management that inspire us and keep us informed on what's happening with their blogs.

  • HOA Manager Newsline by Adamen, Inc
    Julie Adamen has long been a force in community management, and as one of the only national recruiters that is focused on the industry, she brings a unique perspective to industry news. Her monthly newsletter, HOA Manager Newsline, can always be counted on to provide targeted information that speaks directly to Management Company executives.
  • Craig Huntington Blog
    Craig huntington has been in Community Management banking for many years, and his insight into people and business is fresh, and prolific. One of the things that we love is that he is a natural story teller - his articles aren't necessarily always about improving your community management business - sometimes they are about simple, sensible business practise, or improving the decisions that you make in your own life - but they are always interesting, and he always makes you think!
  • Community Association Law Blog by Donna DiMaggio Berger, Esq.
    If there is one legal blog that you absolutely should be keeping up with, this is it. In law, ignorance is no excuse, and the laws governing Community Association Management are constantly shifting. You need someone who keeps up to date on the laws and tells you about it in English, rather than legaleze. If you live in the state of Florida (or even if you don't!) that someone is Donna DiMaggio Berger. Her Community Association Law blog is constantly being updated, and articles are always timely and focused on exactly what it says - Community Association law.
  • The Moss Report
    Another blog about legal issues affecting Condos and HOAs is the Moss Report by Virginia lawyer Jeremy R Moss. The Moss report is a daily compilation of legal cases involving HOAs. This is a great resource for seeing the issues that are currently affecting associations across the country.
  • Association Reserves Blog
    Every healthy community maintains reserve funds to provide for a rainy day (if you aren't doing this you should be!). Association Reserves is an authoritative voice on Reserve Studies, and their blog, which is updated frequently, is a constant source of information on Reserve Studies, Reserves management, and everything that affects your reserve funds.
  • HOAManagement.com Blog
    The blog at HOAManagement.com is more like a blogroll (a compiled rolodex of related blogs) that features contributions from a number of management companies and organizations run by Associa. With so many people contributing to the blog, you'll get to read firsthand accounts from managers on the ground affecting their every day business.
  • Honorable Mention: CAI Group on Linkedin
    Although this isn't technically a blog, the CAI group on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to keep your ear to the ground in the industry. Hundreds of managers and industry professionals reach out to each other in the group, and the discussions can be quite lively. We highly recommend this resource!

So that's our list of the top industry blogs that you should be subscribing to! What would you add to this list? We're always on the lookout for great resources, so if there is a 'must read' industry resource on your list that isn't on ours, please share it with us in the comments

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