Mike Hardy

Mike Hardy
Mike is the president and CEO of TOPS Software. He regularly speaks to CAM management company executives on advanced technologies and their affect on this industry.
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Letters From the President - A Look Back

TOPS, Letters from the President

2018 was a year spent bettering ourselves as a company, as a product, and as a support system for our clients. We're proud of the work we've accomplished in the last year, and excited to see what 2019 brings, for us and for you! Thank you for being part of the TOPS family!

Letters From the President - It's a Partnership

TOPS, Letters from the President

You aren't just another faceless client in a book of names--not to us. At TOPS, you're more than just someone we service, you're our partner, and it's our job to make you as successful as we possibly can.

Letters From the President - Moving Day!

TOPS, Letters from the President

Moving to a new house can be rough, but at the end of the day, it's always worth the time you dedicate to it. Much like moving houses, moving to a new software requires the same level of patience and energy, and is just as rewarding!

Letters From the President - Introducing TOPS Pay!

TOPS, Letters from the President

We know we can do it better! That's always been our belief, and with TOPS Pay, we're proving once more just how true that is with a safe, free alternative to traditional ACH payments!

Letters From the President - Software AND Service

TOPS, Letters from the President

The software you choose is so important, and so is the service you receive! You need both to truly be successful, on your end and ours. Let's work together to make our software and our service work for YOU.

Letters From the President - All the Many Hats

TOPS, Letters from the President

You do everything because that's just what the job requires. And you're great at it! But when you need the extra help, TOPS [ONE] is here, because it was built specifically to help you handle all the hats you wear.

Letters From the President - All About the Service

TOPS, Letters from the President

What sets a management company, or any company, apart from all the rest? The product, of course, but service is what makes the difference!

Letters From the President - The End of Year-End

TOPS, Letters from the President

Year-end should be wrapping up, and we're kick off the 'new year' with some fantastic changes to how we do things, all thanks to YOUR feedback!

Improve Your Property Management Company’s Efficiency with a Smart Technology Strategy

Management Companies, Technology

How should property management professionals be using smartphones and the cloud to save time in community association management?

CAMfire Community Association Management Conference Delivers

Management Companies, Miscellaneous

The inaugural CAMfire Conference for community association management professionals exceeded expectations! But this was not my sentiment alone.

Introducing the CAMfire Conference


TOPS is pleased to announce the CAMfire Conference, a new event that brings TOPS users and CAM professionals together to INFORM attendees about CAM industry trends, INSPIRE them to be a positive force, and IGNITE in them a passion to serve.