Meigan Montoya

Meigan Montoya

CAM Mash Up: This Week (August 12 - 18)

CAM Mashup

This week in the CAM Mashup: Beating the burnout, one step on the road to success at a time!

Getting Ahead of Community Association Manager Burnout

CAM Managers

Burnout is a word a lot of management professionals tend to shrug off, but you can't ignore it forever! Here are three signs you're experiencing burnout, and tips to combat the effects.

The Mystery of the Missing Documents

Technology, Management Tools, TOPS [ONE]

Does "managing your documents" mean "keeping all of your invoices in a shoe box at the back of your storage room" to you? If it does, you're making your job harder than it needs to be! Don't be the villain in your own sleuthing story when it comes to document management!

When Your Boards Play Politics


Politics are messy. And supporting politicians can be a dangerous game. Find out how a community or board member can show support or represent the industry, and how they can't.

Communication is Key, Even in Community Association Management

CAM Managers, Featured

Tom Willis, PCAM®, has a lot to say about the lack of resources available for CAM Professionals to best serve their customers. So do we.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (June 3 - 9)

CAM Mashup

This week in the CAM Mashup: Don't get heated this summer! Find out how to stave off board-member burnout, mean-mail repercussions, and community pool contagions.

The GDPR and, Well, Everyone


Time for us to practice what we preach! We strive to keep all of our readers and clients in compliance with new laws as they pop up. With the implementation of the GDPR, it's our turn to do just that. See what changes we've made to our website and why.

The Real Superheroes of Community Association Law

Featured, Legal

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you're wearing red and blue spandex, a flashy red cape, or a freshly-pressed suit, you have the power to induce change in your community, and you've got more help behind you than you realize!

The War for Florida's Beaches

Large Management Companies, Legal

Beachfront property owners are about to have an easier time roping off their private beach areas...unless the government decides to get involved. Starting July 1, 2018, HB 631 will force local government to sue coastal property owners for public beach access. Here's what you need to know.

Avoid These Six Common Detours in your Reserve Study "Roadmap to the Future"

Accounting, Partners, Featured, CAMfire

This year at the CAMfire Conference, Robert Nordlund, CEO of Association Reserves, spoke about the six common detours you'll face in your 'reserve study road map,' and how to avoid them.

The Ultimate List of CAM Industry Events in 2018

CAM Industry, Featured

We've compiled a huge list of 2018 CAM events to encourage you to take advantage of the professional development opportunities happening in your area!

5 Reasons Every Community Association Management Pro Needs to Be at CAMfire


CAMfire is coming up and we hope to see all of you there! Still not sure? We've got 5 reasons why YOU need to be at CAMfire (plus a great discount ticket code)!

13 of the Most Influential Articles of 2017

CAM Industry

Since 2017 is almost over, let's look back on some of the most powerful articles and news updates that we had throughout the year!

Last Minute Gift Ideas for the CAM Pros in Your Life

CAM Managers

It's not too late to grab that perfect gift for your favorite CAM Professional! Here are 12 great last-minute holiday gifts for the CAM in your life!

What is Net Neutrality and Why is it Important to CAM Professionals?

Technology, Association Living, Featured

The FCC is voting to repeal Net Neutrality, jeopardizing the freedom of access that we rely on today. Here's what that could mean for you.

Handle Holiday Drama like the Pro Community Association Manager You Are!

CAM Industry

Holidays? More like Dramadays. Family is fab, maybe almost as fab as the feast! But sometimes, they can be a little much. Ditch the drama with this fun quiz!

Ensuring a Successful Reserve for Your Community

Accounting, Partners, Webinars

Keeping reserves funded can be challenging without first establishing what your community needs. Robert Nordlund has ideas on how to ensure continued success.

International Espionage and You: Why a Russian Hack Matters to Community Associations

Technology, Featured

The recent revelation that Russian hackers may have used Kaspersy's antivirus software could have ramifications for your community association management company.

Community Association Budgets:  The Art of Guesstimating

Accounting, Featured

Your community association's annual budget is the keystone of your community's success. Don't have yours squared away yet? Don't worry--we've got you covered.

New Survey Exposes Payment Technology Surge in the CAM Industry

Accounting, Technology

BillingTree surveyed property managers and HOAs to gather insight into what challenges they face, and what payment collections solutions they have explored.

How To Be Better Than a Robot in the CAM Industry

Technology, Featured

Until recently, it’s been pretty easy to out-shine an automated service. But that’s quickly changing. So how do you keep yourself relevant? You CAN be better than a robot with this advice.

New Survey Reveals Why More Mgmt Co.s are Looking to Quit Excel

Technology, Featured

More people are realizing the drawbacks of using non-specific solutions to track community information and manage their daily tasks. Are you one of them?

Management Companies:  How to Overcome Your Fear of Technology


Don't let your fear of change hold your management company back! You're losing valuable customers the longer you put off upgrading your technology.

Is the Robot Apocalypse Inevitable in the CAM Industry?


The future is now and automation is the new world order. How do you survive the impending robot apocalypse? You make it work for you--find out how.

Playing Technology Catch-Up in the CAM Industry

CAM Industry, Technology, Featured

Every industry it seems has found a way to evolve steadily alongside technology...except for the CAM Industry. Why? And how do we catch up quickly?

What Happens in Vegas (at CAI)...

CAM Industry, Featured

What happens in Vegas (at CAI) STAYS in Vegas...and on the CAM Blog! Check out our review of all the fun had at CAI National so we can relive it one more time.

How to Start a Technology Revolution in your Management Company

Technology, Featured, Innovation

Keeping up with technology can be overwhelming. Here are a few ways to revolutionize your management company and stay competitive.