Are You a Community Association Meetings Master? [A Crossword]

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on November 25, 2015

An Historical Meeting

It's one of the most well known meetings in American history. Each side was wary. The tiny settlement of Pilgrims had just completed their first successful harvest thanks to the help of some direction from the native peoples, the Wampanoag. In celebration, the villagers fired their guns and cannon. The Wampanoags, hearing the noise, thought the pilgrims were under attack and sent a war party 90 men strong to investigate. What they found instead was a people rejoicing. And they were invited to join.

The story could so easily have gone the other way. The Pilgrims (23 men, women and children) were outnumbered 3 to 1. And they were alone in a brand new place: scared, and a little trigger-happy. Imagine if that first meeting were an annual meeting for an association you manage. Would it have gone as well, or would there have been bloodshed?

It takes a skilled negotiator to have a truly successful meeting. Both the Pilgrims and the Wampanoags showed that they were meeting masters that day. How about you?

The Crossword

In honor of that first Thanksgiving and historic meetings, we've created a fun challenge for you. During moments of down time (when the rest of the family are taking a much-needed afternoon nap, or vegging on the couch watching TV, too stuffed to move), we are here to give some mental relief—time to flex those brain muscles!

This crossword puzzle questions your knowledge about community association meetings. So try your hand below to prove that you are a community association meetings master. Who knows, your next annual meeting could be the stuff of history!

Instructions: This is an interactive crossword puzzle.

  1. Click on the numbers in the boxes below to reveal the clues and enter your answers.
  2. Answers with more than one word should be entered with no spaces.
  3. Check to see if you got them right (or wrong) by clicking the check button at the bottom.
  4. Prefer to do it old-school style with a pencil and paper and all the clues in one place? Download a paper copy of the crossword below.

Want to solve it old school?
Sharpen your pencil and Download the Puzzle! [PDF]
View Answers (after you've given it your best effort!)


*Image credit: Piip via Pixabay

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